Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Uses Tumescent Short Scar Facelift Technique Instead of General Anesthesia Reducing Overall Risk and Recovery Time

Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Uses Tumescent Short Scar Facelift Technique Instead of General Anesthesia Reducing Overall Risk and Recovery Time

Dr. Sheffield, a lifetime member The American Board of Plastic Surgery® (ABPS®), is the preeminent facial plastic surgeon Santa Barbars and he and his staff offer a unique perspective to patients in a comfortable professional environment.
Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery provides short scar facelift tumescent procedure instead of general anesthesia for quick recovery. The clinic follows is now open with CDC guidelines including social distancing and protocol checklist prioe to entry into facility

Dr. Sheffield, the head of Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara, provides facial aesthetic procedures with the help of tumescent anesthesia. Dr. Robert is not using the general anesthesia technique during the facelift procedure, and which typically requires more down time for the patient during recovery. Dr. Robert, with the minimally invasisive procedure, carries out the short scar, mici facelift and other facelift procedures. The tumescent anesthesia is customized according to the patient’s concerns, and then the numbing agent is injected through the tiny holes to perform the facelift procedure. Moreover, it is cost-effective, safe, and provides quick recovery.

“The short scar facelift Santa Barbara procedure is the most common surgical procedure and is designed to remove the signs of aging from lower face and neck regions. The patients looking forward to facial enhancement in their 40s and 50s are better candidates for this treatment. In cosmetic surgery, the excess tissue of the sagging jowls and neck area is trimmed to provide a refreshed look to the face. At Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery, we use tumescent anesthesia and local anesthesia for treating the jowls, neck liposuction, neck lift, rhinoplasty brow lift, and eyelid surgery. There is only minimal scarring to extract the extra fat,” affirms Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, head of SB Aesthetics.

Dr. Sheffield is a board-certified surgeon who has already performed many reconstructive surgeries by using local anesthesia. He provides this treatment to the patients who are experiencing sagging chin or neck areas and want to augment their looks.

“We want the short scar and facelift procedures performed by us looks natural and not at all overly operational. The reason for using local anesthesia is to provide facial rejuvenation to patients with minimal risk. As the tumescent local anesthesia procedure is minimally invasive, the patients can go home the same day and with the shorter recovery, they can resume their normal activites. If you are someone with sagging jawline, hollowness in the cheek region, possess deep creases or have fine lines, etc., then candidacy for short scar facelift may be higher,” he further added.

Dr. Sheffield strives to help his patients desire for a more natural ejuvenated look avoiding many of the risks associated with general anestheisa and while also helping to improve patient self-confidence.

About Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery heads the Santa Barbara plastic surgery center. He performs non-surgical and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures like liposuction, facelift, neck lift, rhinoplasty, brow lift, eyelid surgery, etc.

About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield is a board-certified plastic surgeon performing facial aesthetic procedures for many years. He has performed many reconstructive and innovative cosmetic surgeries in the past in North County, San Diego. Moreover, he completed his medical school at the University of Tennessee, a surgical internship at Los Angeles, and residency training at the University of Florida. He is the founder member of the ‘Annual Rhinoplasty Symposium,’ the life-member of the ‘American Society of Plastic Surgeons,’ and the ‘American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.’

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