Robert Reby Unveils New Book \”Wealth Redefined\” That Warns Americans of Critical Risks to Their Lifestyle

Robert Reby, CFP®, CEO of Reby Advisors,will release his second book, “Wealth Redefined: Charting the Way to Personal and Financial Freedomon July 25th, 2017.Rebydescribes the book as “a financial planning doctrine for achieving lifestyle goals, happiness, and health – despite the myriad of dangers in the world today.”

“Conflicted advice from Wall Street, market volatility, soaring healthcare and education costs, andrising prices and taxes, all pose great challenges to individuals and families who really just want to live a good lifestyle.”

Throughout Wealth Redefined, Reby draws on his thirty-plus years of experience as a financial planner to deliver practical advice on how to address these risks.

He also explores the concept of “behavioral risk” and how investors may avoid buying high and selling low. The text recalls theGreat Recession when people pulled their money out of the market, rather than taking advantage of other people’s mistakes:

“…getting out for just one year – which seems like a reasonable idea given all of the fear at the time about the impending collapse of the entire economy –damaged the investor’s portfolio forever. You can never turn back the clock and get those returns back.”

Reby believes that wealth “means different things to different people,” and his latest book is designed to provide readers with a framework for identifying their own unique version of financial independence, and gain the knowledge they need to achieve and sustain it.

The book will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at numerous independent online bookstores.

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