Robert M. Herzog Releases New Book, Views From The Side Mirror: Essaying America

The polarized political climate in America drives a need for serious reflection. Robert M. Herzog’s essay collection provides context and triggers a sense of urgency for Americans to rescue the nation

With a Foreword by Susan Herman, President, ACLU

Author Robert M. Herzog, is out with another powerful book titled Views from the Side Mirror: Essaying America. The new book is a collection of essays examining twenty years of American political life, shedding light  on the current situation in the United States and how to address it.

To paraphrase David Byrne, do you ask yourself: How did we get here? How did politics become so bizarre, so polarized and disjointed? What’s happened to the people who inhabit this strange landscape – the ones who are shaping it, and the ones who have to live in it?

From the Foreword, by Susan Herman, President of the ACLU: “The essays here are the products of a bold and restless mind.  Robert’s range of thoughts on the topics of our day is as individual as it is broad. He does not toe the line of any political party.  He marches to his own ever-changing beat.”

Views from the Side Mirror is a source of reflection and understanding for those who are wondering about the direction the country is heading and what to do about it.

There’s the America that is, and the one that could be. Views from the Side Mirror explores how to bridge that gap.

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Interspersed among the book’s essays are descriptions from the author’s Lower Manhattan vantage point of the surreal hours after 9/11 when he had to show papers to get to his home, and all the trucks heading north were covered with white dust that splayed behind them.

The author makes a constructive attempt to dissect the underlying dynamic of American politics, between Republican venality and Democratic haplessness – and what that foretells for the impeachment process.  Essentially, America needed the Avengers but got the Muppets.

As the book states, “If the Democrats and Republicans were waiters, then they would need to be sent back to the kitchen with no tip for their lousy service. You can say we enjoy great freedom in America.  But the reason we can say what we want is because nobody in power is listening..”

The book’s final essay asks the question “Trump: Virus or Vaccine?” Will his time in office inoculate the country from his brand of politics for personal gain, or has he permanently infected the body politic?

Mr Herzog’s previous book, the novel A World Between, mixed science and politics to convey an existential threat to the nature of our reality, in part a metaphor for the responses to climate change.

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