Robert E. Shaffer Releases His Newest Book, “Inner Sanctuary”

Author Robert E. Shaffer presents his latest page-turner with his exciting book, “Inner Sanctuary: Lifetime Musings of a Poet” suitable for readers of all ages. This book is the true reflections of the experiences of the author.  “Inner Sanctuary” follows the crooked line of the author’s life as he finds solace on the page.

Robert E. Shaffer is a writer whose poetry and short stories are reflections of his experiences.  The author charmingly navigates the landscape of idea and a feeling of the soul that nurtures the reader’s mind for positive self-exploration through personal experience.  His collection delves into his own subconscious but also looks to the world around him.  He recalls those who have gone before, embracing memories long since passed.  He, too, regards the seasons of nature and of life.

Author Robert E. Shaffer shares insightful notions about his book: He takes careful study of youthfulness and the magic found therein.  He encourages adults not to lose their sense of wonder no matter their age.  Shaffer ponders over his family and the generations that will follow once he is gone.  Finally, he tackles the darkness and terror of war.  Despite moments of despair, his collection is one of universal hope, of interest to all who wish to live lives of happy satisfaction.

Every page of “Inner Sanctuary: Lifetime Musings of a Poet” is written with a personal touch such that the message that the book contains will touch the depth of your heart in a lot of ways.  The book is a delightful addition to any school or home-based library.  You can buy this book and give it to people that you love, such as, a family member, friend, teacher, colleague, or that person that you just recently met.

The book has been launched and can be purchased all over the world.  Readers who wish to experience the potent work can buy “Inner Sanctuary: Lifetime Musings of a Poet” online at the Amazon Store and other digital platforms.

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About the Author

Robert E. Shafer has always been a poet, but it took some time for him to find his true voice.  As a young man, he enlisted in the Army and served in Vietnam.  He came home discouraged and disillusioned, which is when the words began t0 truly flow.  What followed was a career working with youth, and his spirit soon soared.

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