Risk Less Spend More: A New Book For Anyone in or Near Retirement by Tom Penland

Tom Penland is CEO/Founder of Greenline Associates And is Known For Helping 55 and Uppers Maximize Their Income And Minimize Their Risk, Two Highly Sought After Goals

Torrance, CA, USA – January 24, 2018 – Thomas C. Penland of Greenline Associates has proudly announced the release of his bestselling book for anyone in or near retirement. The book is titled ‘Risk Less, Spend More: Everything You Never Learned About Retirement’ and it is getting a phenomenal response from readers. Now available on Amazon, the book by Tom Penland is for anyone who is 55 or above wanting financial peace of mind and security. Greenline Associates and its founder/CEO Tom Penland are well known for helping people with safe money retirement strategies and have received overwhelming testimonials from clients in California. 

Thomas Edison said, “There is a better way for everything find it” and that is what Mr. Penland has done. He has found a better way for people to retire with financial certainty.  Tom Penland said, “My new book ‘Risk Less, Spend More: Everything You Never Learned about Retirement’ is a contrarian viewpoint for people who want know instead of hope they will never run out of money.” Further he stated, “Contrary to what we have been told, the 401(k) and other tax deferred plans were not designed for us.” According to the author, the biggest beneficiaries of these plans are Uncle Sam and Wall Street. He says, “It is therefore time to wake up and escape the financial matrix.”

Tom and his company Greenline Associates provide planning and strategies for a worry free post-retirement life. Tom teaches retirement courses and workshops, and is nationally renowned Retirement Income Certified Professional. In addition to providing consultations and income planning services, he writes a blog called www.RiskLessSpendMore.com. He has been in the financial business since the early 80’s and was a successful but, as he states naïve stock broker until the crash of ’87.

“Years of experience have taught us that retirees do not want to depend on luck and we show them a safer, more certain path. At Greenline Associates, every income plan is different because every individual, every couple’s situation is specific and different.” According to Tom, he and his staff are very conservative and he says, “The only thing we sell is certainty and peace of mind.”

For more information, please visit: www.greenlineca.com 

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