Rising Hip Hop Artist Linwood Whitehead Celebrates Relationships with Feel-Good Jam “Kitty Still Likes Me” Under His Label “Wood That Entertainment”

Wood That Entertainment’s latest track, “Kitty Still Likes Me,” is an upbeat relationship anthem celebrating the thrills of an affectionate connection through smooth vocals and lively production.

NORFOLK, VA – Independent hip hop artist Linwood Whitehead is welcoming sunshine and young love with the vibrant release of his new single, “Kitty Still Likes Me,” dropped through his upstart label “Wood That Entertainment.” The track celebrates the excitement of an affectionate relationship, overflowing with an upbeat tempo and smooth lyrics.

As Linwood shares, “When creating this song, I thought back to the early days with my girl when we first started getting to know each other. There was that thrill of exploring a new connection and realizing it was something special. I wanted to capture that energy – when you just feel amped about someone and can’t wait to spend more time together.”

He continues, “The lyrics speak on those moments when your attention is completely focused on that person. When you’re fully present with them and feeling that passion back and forth. I called the song ‘Kitty Still Likes Me’ to keep it playful, but it’s really about showing your appreciation for your partner and making sure you both stay satisfied.”

Linwood’s vocals and production blend into an infectious beat that seeps positivity while staying true to his trademark style. An instant mood booster, “Kitty Still Likes Me” is a sunshine-soaked ode to the euphoria of young love. The melodic track calls on universal themes of intimacy and affection over a bed of crisp snares, warm bass lines, and Wood That’s buttery smooth tone.

Although the single dropped amidst an impressive debut year for this emerging artist, Linwood is still establishing himself with his label, Wood That Entertainment, with the release of his first-ever track just a few months ago. Yet he’s wasting no time making his mark.

“I know my brand is still new on the scene,” he says. “But I’ve been honing my craft since middle school band, and music has been my passion since I was a kid. Last year, I finally decided to share my sound with the world. Now, I’m embracing the experience – continuing to evolve my style while speaking my truth about relationships and connecting with listeners on an emotional level. That deeper purpose keeps me going.”

True to his word, Linwood keeps his music centered on honest explorations of relationships, emotions, and intimacy. With “Kitty Still Likes Me,” he continues hitting notes around affection in the early stages of a romance.

“I’m singing this time around to change it up, though I started with rapping,” Linwood explains. “I’m all about showing range and getting comfortable with my voice. But even when I rap, the message focuses on what it takes to build that mutual understanding between a man and woman – keeping that spark alive so both people stay satisfied.” 

Linwood is building an authentic connection with his audience by speaking his own truth. And with the warm vibes of “Kitty Still Likes Me,” he’s keeping it positive. The upbeat relationship anthem delivers bright energy and plenty of feel-good replay value.

The single “Kitty Still Likes Me” is now available to stream on Spotify and YouTube. Don’t sleep on this jam; it’s sure to turn up the temperature in the upcoming Christmas. 

About Wood That Entertainment

Wood That Entertainment is an emerging hip-hop label launched by Linwood Whitehead based in Norfolk, VA. Since releasing his debut single in 2022, Linwood has been establishing his trademark sound – smooth lyrics and melodic vocals over crisp production centered on honest themes of relationships, emotion, and intimacy. As a rising artist focused on connecting with listeners, Linwood is poised for a promising career, speaking his inspiring truths. His musical style blends singing and rapping as he continues to push his own limits as a versatile artist and producer.

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