Rios Elementary is America\’s First Computer Science Magnet School

At Rios Elementary School, Principal Maria Kehoe had a dream to create a school where learning was based on student interests, abilities, learning levels, and their future. This dream has been realized, with Rios Elementary opening as a computer science magnet school. This gives every student attending Rios the opportunity to be introduced to computer science as early as kindergarten. Rios Elementary is a free public school and is currently accepting transfers!

Rios Elementary is incredibly uniqure. It is the first ever elementary computer science magnet school in the United States. Code to the Future has partnered with Cajon Valley Union School District to transform Rios into this special school,creating an experience where students can simulate what it’s like to work in the tech industry. At Rios, you’ll find open classrooms without doors, open spaces where students create learning pods, and team work that involves students choosing their own projects based on their interests. Students learn to write code for video games and digital stories, mathematical concepts that strengthen their reasoning abilities, project management, Javascript, storyboarding, and presentation skills.

The education at Rios isn’t just focused on computer science though. Computer science immersion is not an add on, but rather it is integrated into every aspect of the curriculum. Students are enthusiastic about coming to school because they notice the integrating of computer science throughout their day. The enhancement that computer science gives in the education at Rios helps students to become creative and critical thinkers, where peer-based learning and hands-on play engages students.

Each and every student at Rios receives a Chromebook which they can take home. This one to one technology will help students become ready for the 21st century of careers. The goal a Rios is to prepare kids to thrive in the local and national economy and to create a solution to the disadvantage many students will have in the future where many jobs will be computer based. By knowing the language of technology from a young age, students at Rios will be prepared for their future careers and ready to fill the expanding computer science job market.

For more information about Rios Elementary, visit or call 619-588-3090.

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