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A Right to Buy mortgage is a special kind of mortgage which those under the Right to Buy programme or scheme can take advantage of. But for those who have questions about applying for a Right to Buy mortgage, Niche Advice has the answers.

UNITED KINGDOM – 18 Jan, 2018 – In the UK, a lot of homeowners have already been able to benefit from the government’s Right to Buy scheme. Under this scheme or programme, those who reside in council homes have the option to buy their home with an additional discount from the government. But for those who cannot afford to purchase their council home outright, a Right to Buy mortgage is often a good option as well.

Niche Advice has been a specialist in mortgages in the UK for years, and it is comprised of a team of experts in the mortgage sector who have assisted in different kinds of mortgages, from buy to let mortgages to bad credit mortgages, self-employed mortgages, and more. Niche Advice says more about Right to Buy mortgages, particularly when it comes to questions and concerns regarding bad credit: “…There are an increasing breed of Right to Buy mortgage lenders that offer terms to applicants with late or missed payments, defaults and CCJs. That said, they tend to prefer houses rather than flats. If, however, the issue is more extreme such as IVAs and bankruptcies then your chances are very slim.”

The fact of the matter is that Niche Advice exists to give honest and trustworthy, as well as timely advice to those who really need it yet are worried about their eligibility. Niche Advice doesn’t mince words – it would rather give its real opinion about a particular situation than have prospective applicants apply for something they are not likely to get.

Niche Advice also states that those who don’t have a deposit for a Right to Buy mortgage can take advantage of the local authority discount they will receive under the Right to Buy scheme and use it in lieu of a deposit. Niche Advice adds that if, for example, a discount is up to £75,000, an applicant can use it and simply deduct it from the property’s market value to attain the balance for the remaining deposit they need.

The beauty of the service provided by Niche Advice is that it doesn’t have any up-front fees, nor does it have a ‘generic’ service. It pays attention to each and every client’s personal situation and gives advice based on that.

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Niche Advice, a professional mortgage advice firm, provides a personalised and independent service to those wanting to apply for a mortgage. To get more information about a right to buy mortgage, first-time mortgage, bad credit mortgage, and more, visit the website.   

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