Riding Experience for Citizens with Idea wheel R5 Folding Assist Electric Bike

Instead of riding with traditional bikes at lower speed in urban areas, people of green and healthy commuting are having a new alternative for daily commuting with Idea wheel ebike as Idea wheel R5 folding ebike is truly a marvelous and most wonderful commuting tool for people living a city life. Riding has become a new fashion and healthy way for commuting with Idea wheel R5.

People living a city life are all blessed with a completely new commuting tool- R5 city electric bike that brings a more comfortable and labor-saving riding experience for riders. Idea wheel R5 electric moped bike is loved by most citizens because it solves the problem of daily commuting effectively and wonderfully.
Idea wheel R5 citizen e-bike
Idea wheel R5 is able to shift models according to varied needs of riders. Basically there are three riding models with Idea wheel R5 and Idea wheel riders can freely choose from the three riding models according to specific needs. For instance, if a rider riding with Ideawheel R5 electric moped bike for physical exercise, the ordinary bicycling model can be initiated to satisfy the needs of the rider.
Idea wheel R5 citizen e-bike
Idea wheel R5 citizen e-bike stands out and differentiates other bikes for its marvelous speed. As the name implies, Idea wheel R5 electric assist bike is powered by electricity and the R5 electric moped bike can reach much bigger speed compared with ordinary bikes. With the electric powered Idea wheel city electric bike, bicycling is no longer a low-speed and tiring commuting way, instead, bicycling is becoming is becoming a fast-speed and relaxing commuting way with R5 city electric bike. Riders can initiate the electric-powered mode to speed up the R5 and riders are able to enjoy the fast-speed bicycling with the largest speed of reaching 20km/h. And many young riders are fascinated with the speed.
Idea wheel R5 citizen e-bike
The speed of Idea wheel R5 can be better controlled and monitored as the semi electric-powered mode can be initiated to combine electric power and physical power. With this semi electric-powered mode, the electric power will assist the physical riding intermittently and riders can save the physical strength and enjoy a very special and miraculous scooter riding experience with Idea wheel R5 electric power bicycle. Riders can ride with more comforts and relaxation with Idea wheel R5.

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