Riders Can Gain Security and Romance with Airwheel Z8 Smart Kid’s Electric Scooter

When you stroll in the park, it happens to rain so you will feel helpless. When you come home after work, it happens to rain and you have to wait at the bus station or walk in the rain. However with Airwheel Z8 small wheel electric scooter, you will come home quickly and safely.

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Silvia works in a coffee store which is a little far from her home. Commonly she will take the bus commuting between home and coffee store. After arriving the bus station, she still has to walk for a short distance. In the city she lives, it rains frequently. Luckily she has Z8 lightweight electric scooter. Even if meeting rain, she can quickly arrive at home.

Z8 colorful electric foldable scooter

The thoughtful design of Z8 electric scooter for adults can effectively prevent the battery from dropping water and wipe out the damage result from scraping on the uneven road. The battery is protected by various systems, like the overcurrent protection refers to the intelligent real-time detection of in-out current and automatic power cut in case of overpower.

lightweight electric scooter

Temperature protection uses thermistor and temperature control system to ensure a safe temperature range for the battery. People would like to go out for cooling themselves, but sometimes they meet rain by chance. However there will be not a big problem if the vehicle you choose is Airwheel Z8.

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Meanwhile, the tire is also an important part for running on an uneven road. The tire of Z8 small wheel electric scooter is customized. It adopts the material of aluminum magnesium alloy which is very firm. The 3.2-inch wheels have been equipped with anti-skid stripes. The adjustable operating rod makes it suitable for the whole families, as it can be adjusted according to the rider’s height.

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Silvia always rides Z8 colorful electric foldable scooter to go to work. Even if she meets rain weather by chance, she will not feel upset. On the contrary, she regards the riding in the rain as the most romantic thing in a whole day. Z8 gives her convenience in daily commuting, provides her security even if it is a rainy day and makes her life more powerful in every day.

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