Ride With Airwheel C5 in the Nature Safely and Enjoyably

Riding is increasingly popular among the young since they want to be close to nature and keep healthy by exercising. Some people feel pity that they cannot take the photo or video on the way of riding. Airwheel C5 can protect riders and record what they see at the same time.

Nowadays, a group of young people love to ride in the countryside together to enjoy nature at weekends. They are shocked when they on the way riding coming across some beautiful natural scenes or wonders and they want to take records immediately. The smart anti-shock camera of Airwheel C5 can take video and photos as riders wish. The wide-angle glass camera enables the riders to look around every moment on the way of riding which enables the smart helmet to be more humanized.

Apart from the basic function of a helmet, Airwheel C5 is also inserted blue tooth which can be connected with the cell phone. Riders can get through the call on the way of riding without holding the cell phone by hand which is dangerous for them. The built-in microphone can make the voice clearer. With the blue tooth helmet, riders will talk with friends freely and ride carefully. To ensure the comfortableness of riding, Airwheel C5 can also play music for the riders. When they are worn out, the music can excite them or encourage them to insist.


Sometimes riders have a rest on the half way, they want to see what Airwheel C5 has taken. The 2.4 inch screen on the custom motorcycle helmets can provide video and photo for riders to check and enjoy. This is appreciated by the young riders since they love to take interesting video and cool photos. If they find the photos are not satisfactory, they can take them again.

The riding may last for the whole day, rider may go back home when it is dark. The breath lights in the back of Airwheel C5 can alarm vehicles and pedestrians when riding in the dark and at night. For riders, safety is the primary and for the intelligent helmets, guaranteeing the safety of its users is the final goal.

Due to its humanized and comfortable design, an increasing number of riders prefer wearing Airwheel C5 to riding in nature.

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