Richard James Schueler Shares Tips on the Benefits of Creating a Corporate Philanthropy Program

Corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and corporate giving are becoming more significant each day—companies that have not given back in the past are taking a difficult look at how to change, while companies that do have a history of philanthropy are ramping up their programs and making social responsibility more of a considerate process and a priority. Simply put, giving means getting back—and getting back in several ways. Some business decisions are win-win, but corporate philanthropy is frequently a win-win. Everyone involved benefits, including:

   • Your employees

   • Your brand

   • Your bottom line

   • Your causes

   • Your clients and customers

   • Your community

Richard James Schueler says that when you can supplement what your company pays with tax deductions and smart PR, a well-run and efficient philanthropy program strengthens your business and makes the world a better place genuinely. It is one of the best things your business can do for itself, and for those it signifies.

Most people know the two largest benefits of corporate social responsibility: It enhances your brand and helps others. But a closer look reveals that there are several other benefits—and that they boost everyone near you.

   • Increased sales. Customers, particularly those in the younger generations, like to support businesses that have compassion.

   • Better recruiting. Not only clients will note your actions. You will get a larger and better pool of job applicants as people want to work for places that care.

   • Customer loyalty. Studies show that even if a product costs a little extra, a significant number of customers will stick with brands that do excellent. If two products cost the same, almost everyone will purchase the product tied with philanthropy.

   • Happier employees that stick around. Your employees will advantage, too, especially if you involve them in the giving. They will be more productive, and they will want to stay.

   • Enhanced company culture. When companies have a clear mission and engage with their communities, everybody who works there feels better and is more engaged.

   • A larger network. Giving means reaching out, meeting people, and getting associated with your community. It is an incredible way to make new connections, learn about your community and get new ideas.

Richard James Schueler believes that when beginning a corporate philanthropy program, you should recognize what kinds of philanthropic pursuits best match the existing corporate culture of your business. Examine your mission statement, your services, and products, and think about how you can most significantly give back.

Philanthropy has lots of benefits for your business. It enhances your reputation among customers and would-be employees alike. It will make your company a magnet for talent, and retain it as you support something your staff believes in. This will make them more productive, well-rounded employees. Implementing appropriate strategic philanthropy is a vital step in future-proofing your business.

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