Rich Matrix To Restore The Brilliance Of Trumpchi Gs4

On May 21, trumpchi GS4 COUPE officially launched, a total of two new models, priced at 136,800 yuan and 146,800 yuan, respectively. The arrival of trumpchi GS4 COUPE enriches the product matrix of GS4.

First, focus on the product itself. Based on the new GPMA platform, the GS4 COUPE has a dynamic personality, which can be said to be responsible for the appearance level of the GS4 family. Its “lightning wing” front face adopts a split air intake grille design with a small top and a large bottom. It is highly recognizable with a lightning day-line headlamp and an “air dart” front fog lamp. The sliding back lines on the side not only highlight the characteristics of young movement of GS4 COUPE, but also make its wind resistance coefficient as low as 0.295. The “night silver hook” trim, from the entire roof to the underside of the window, is also ingenious.

In terms of configuration, trumpchi GS4 COUPE is equipped with gac’s latest ADiGO smart drive interconnection system, which has multiple interconnection functions such as dual voice area voice recognition, remote control, automatic upgrade, tencent TAI ecosystem, dual map engine, app store, etc. WeChat vehicle-mounted version is also not absent.

Safety performance, kei GS4 COUPE carrying ADiGO autopilot system with active AEB brake assist system, LKA lane keep assist system, ACC adaptive cruise, FCW at full speed before collision warning, HMA intelligent choice dipped headlight switch system, LDW lane departure warning, ICA integrated cruise system, TJA multiple functions such as traffic congestion auxiliary.

With the launch of trumpchi GS4, trumpchi GS4 PHEV and trumpchi GS4 COUPE, the layout of the three family cars of trumpchi GS4 is basically formed, and they will meet the diversified travel needs of young consumers in different market segments with their respective advantages. But the future of trumpchi’s GS4 COUPE is not without its problems.

First of all, the trumpchi GS4 COUPE is a late arrival in the COUPE SUV trend, and it will have to face the situation of “many strong enemies”. For example, ford F7x, chang ‘an CS85 COUPE, geely xingyue, Lynk & Co 05 and other powerful models have already seized the sedan SUV segment.

At the same time, the rise of the sedan SUV market is largely due to the bottleneck in the development of independent brands. Therefore, we have to resort to temporary breakthrough. “crossing the river by feeling the stones” makes the sedan SUV unable to be accepted by the market immediately. In addition, contrary to SUV’s emphasis on space practicality, most coupe suvs sacrifice space for the sake of fashion styling, and other factors determine that coupe suvs can only be icing on the cake rather than becoming mainstream models.

It can be seen that there is still a long way to go before the glory of trumpchi GS4 can be revived with a COUPE model. The trumpchi GS4, which was officially launched on April 18, 2015, showed a strong momentum after its listing with the help of market dividends. In 2016, it won the second place in SUV sales in its first full sales year, and the third place in 2017. But in 2018, it dropped to no. 5, and in 2019, it suffered a precipitous decline and disappeared from view… With the decline of the flagship model GS4, gac’s autonomous passenger vehicle segment is also in a slump. In 2019, gac’s passenger vehicle sales dropped by 28.14%.

With the arrival of the second-generation trumpchi GS4 on Nov. 15, 2019, its performance gradually recovered and it returned to the top 10 SUV sales in January this year. Now, trumpchi GS4, trumpchi GS4 PHEV and trumpchi GS4 COUPE have officially created a brand new product matrix, and the future is worth looking forward to.

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