Riccardo De Bruce Launches “Stephen Architect of Hope”, a Poetic Tribute to Stephen Lawrence

April 23, 2021 – Poet, author, and contemporary artist Riccardo De Bruce is proud to announce his newest work, “Stephen Architect of Hope”. This anthology is a tribute to Stephen Lawrence. Stephen, a Black British student from Eltham, South London, was a victim of a racist gang murder on the evening of 22nd April, 1993. The book will be published on 13th September, 2021.

If, the
night could talk,
If, the
neon lights
revealed what they saw,
If, the
bus stop could sit,
On the witness stand,
If, the
Police officer did not change
the evidence codes,
If, the
Theory of ‘Institutional
Racism’ was just fiction,
If, the
legal system had
the true initial evidence,
Then nineteen years,
Would not have witness
a Mother and Father’s tears.

– Silently Witness by Riccardo De Bruce

De Bruce’s poems document the continuous critical discourse, the lessons to be learnt, and how Stephen Lawrence’s life story can truly inspire this generation to succeed in the multicultural UK. The book has 31 poems and fine art drawings by Riccardo De Bruce. Each poem is written for each year following Stephen Lawrence’s death. A major percentage of the book sales will go to The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation.

In his book, De Bruce references several Black Activists. These quotes add a historical context to the contemporary issues of hate crimes, racism, and institutional racism affecting the Black Diaspora in the UK. 

De Bruce founded the M-Culture Art UK Collective, in 2012. With two art students on the BA Fine Art course at the University of Wolverhampton. “Get on the Bus” art project was organized by M-Culture Art UK and exhibited in the Long Gallery in the School of Art and Design (MK Building). The event displayed documentary-style poetry, and paintings which reflected on the 19 years of struggle for justice following the death of Stephen Lawrence. 

Highlighting the positive contributions of black, inspirational, achievers can inspire,” said De Bruce. 

Riccardo De Bruce is passionate about visual art. De Bruce’s writings and art have a common goal in creating awareness of the prevailing racism in western society.

For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/Riccardo-De-Bruce-1543855499262479/?ref=page_internal

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