RhinoFleetTracking Announced FMCSA Compliant ELD Solutions

“A GPS fleet tracking system that can help you improve the efficiency and lower the costs of your company\’s vehicle fleet.”
GPS fleet tracking system provider, Rhino Fleet Tracking, announced the release of their new GPS fleet tracking device feature FMCSA Certified ELD Solution. The new feature, according to the company, is a huge addition to their GPS trackers, making it compliant with the new FMSCA Regulations released this December of 2017.

Argyle, TX RhinoFleetTracking, a GPS fleet tracking system that can help you improve the efficiency and lower the costs of your company’s vehicle fleet, announced the release of their FMCSA Certified ELD Systems, a new feature of their premium GPS fleet tracking device developed to stay compliant with FMSCA ELD Regulations which ruled that all vehicles over 10,001 pounds that cross state lines or carry over 9 passengers commercially (16 noncommercial) must use an ELD system as of December 18, 2017.

The company said that their Rhino Fleet Tracking System is now integrated with ELD which means their customers will enjoy the benefits of RFT’s Fleet tracking system plus an ELD system to stay compliant. Some of the features that their customers will benefit include:

  • ELD Information in the Office
    • Monitor driver availability
    • Alerts when drivers are running out of hours
    • Manage Hubs and Carrier Information
  • Vehicle Locations via Google Maps
  • Travel Patterns (breadcrumbs)
  • Stop Locations and Durations
  • Geofencing
  • Speed Alerts
  • Stop Alerts
  • Idle Alerts
  • 15+ Standard Reports
  • Landmarks
  • Exception Alerts
  • Driver Behavior
  • Miles-by-State for IFTA
  • And More…

Included with the RhinoFleetTracking ELD System is that customers/users automatically get the dispatching system built on Google Maps. The company says, “at no extra charge, the Rhino Fleet Tracking electronic logbook system automatically includes all of these features.  When you send a driver a Stop or List of Stops, the driver is automatically navigated via trucking-safe routes.”

On top of these benefits, the company says the new device will be user-friendly and easy to install. They will also provide free training to those who want to learn.

The company also said that they have a dedicated page for help and support that will answer common questions from their customers. They also provide FREE demo for everyone interested. You can call 800-293-0420 or fill out the form on the ELD page.

About Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking systems optimize fleet performance for companies of all sizes. We work with customers in all 50 United States, and in many countries across the globe.

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