Revopoint POP: The Most successful 3D Scanner in Kickstarter history

Shenzhen-based 3D Scanner Manufacturer Revopoint has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its latest Revopoint POP 3D scanner. With 16 days still to go, the project has already exceeded its initial target. At the time of writing, the Revopoint POP campaign on Kickstarter has received over $1.5 million with more than 4,500 backers.

Of course, the Revopoint POP is not the first 3D Scanner trying to receive financial support through the popular crowdfunding platforms. However, it is encouraging to see such high-level support for a 3D Scanner campaign on Kickstarter history. So far, POP is the most successful 3D scanner crowdfunding campaign, followed by past 3D Scanner projects including Peachy Printer’s CA$651,091 in 2016, and EORA 3D’s $599,925 in 2018. Can we see this as the rise of 3D Scanner after the booming of the 3D printer? Especially as an element of about Kickstarter projects has crept in over recent years.

As the inventor of the unprecedented Tablet 3D scanner Tanso S1 launched in 2019, Revopoint seeks to provide more cost-effective and versatile 3D Scanner to the market. Revopoint is capable of scanning in two modes; One is fixed scan, designed for the simple and small objects, which requires no skills from the users; the other is free scan, which allows user to scan large object that is not suitable for a turntable, such as human, big statue, a car, etc.

An upgrade to the Tanso S1, the Revopoint POP range promises to be “Amazingly Capable, Surprisingly Affordable”, it does not compromise the accuracy because of the price cut. POP is designed with binocular and structured light, ensuring that the acquired 3D point cloud data features high accuracy. The highest single-frame accuracy can reach 0.3mm. This device supports both high-precision and three scanning modes, allowing users to generate vivid 3D models for color 3D printing directly. 

Through Kickstarter, each Revopoint POP 3D scanner is currently available for only 60% of the future retail price. The POP 3D Scanner is only $269 and the premium package (Scanner + Auto Turntable + LED light) is only $329.

All of the Revopoint POP’s early bird prices have already sold out, resulting in the backing of $1 million within the first seven days of the campaign’s launch. Now backers are pledging money for the campaign’s limited rest runs, with funds reaching over $1.5 million. The first batch of Revopoint POP 3D scanners are expected to ship in March 2021, with subsequent batch to be shipped in May 2021.

About Revopoint

Revopoint is a leading 3D scanner developer based in Shenzhen, and we are a group of passionate scientists, engineers, designers and coders who have been working in the 3D imaging field for over ten years, Revopoint has a record of 100% Patented Chip & Hardware Design; we also have powerful software and algorithm to consolidate the hardware devices and 3D imaging technology.

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