Revolutionizing Neurodegenerative Disease Detection: Renowned Physician and Pharmacist Dr. Anita Gupta Joins Vytal’s Board

Alexandria, Virginia –, a pioneering health technology startup founded by high schoolers Rohan Kalahasty and Sai Mattapalli, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Anita Gupta to its board of directors. Dr. Anita Gupta, a distinguished physician and pharmacist, brings a wealth of expertise in the medical field and health technologies, bolstering Vytal’s mission to transform the landscape of early detection of neurodegenerative diseases.

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Dr. Gupta’s esteemed tenure in the medical field is marked by her long track record of visionary leadership, tremendous dedication to healthcare evolution and her relentless championing of patient’s rights shaping the future of healthcare. With her intellectual roots anchored in prestigious academies like Princeton and Harvard Business School, her reputation as one of the foremost healthcare innovators in emerging health technology has only solidified. “I am pleased to join the board of directors, and to be part of the next generation of healthcare leaders that’s constantly innovating to improve lives and build healthier communities,” stated Dr. Gupta.

Dr. Gupta’s passion for healthcare transformation has been the guiding force behind her revolutionary endeavors across the United States to address healthcare’s most urgent challenges. She has also been a trailblazer with her advocacy at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ensuring wider healthcare access of naloxone to address overdose emergencies. Furthermore, she took a formidable stand against the rise of synthetic opioids, especially fentanyl, in Philadelphia’s illicit drug market. 

“The addition of Dr. Gupta to our board marks a pivotal moment in our journey,” stated Kalahasty, Co-founder of “We envision a future where Vytal’s technology seamlessly integrates into routine check-ups, enabling swift and effortless screening for a wide array of neurological conditions, and are confident that Dr. Gupta will be instrumental in helping achieve that future.”

Her unique expertise hasn’t gone unnoticed. She’s been spotlighted among the Top 10 Emerging Leaders by Pharmaceutical Executives and honored as a Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Scholar. Her significant contributions also earned her a coveted seat at the National Academies of Practice, Engineering, and Medicine Global Forum on Innovation (NASEM), and the honor of being named a Distinguished Fellow at the National Academies of Practice.

Mattapalli, Co-founder of states that “one of the things we felt would hold us back in the future as high school founders was a lack of experience in the healthcare space, which we’ve been able to rectify as we work towards adding industry leaders like Dr. Gupta to the board.”

As an expert member of the World Economic Forum, Dr. Gupta has been celebrated as one of the Top 10 Women of Influence in Healthcare, a recognition given by Fierce Healthcare. Various esteemed publications, ranging from the New York Times and Forbes to CNN and Washington Post, have showcased her groundbreaking expertise.’s groundbreaking approach to healthcare centers around leveraging the human eye as a window into the mind, enabling the early detection of neurodegenerative conditions. 

“Health tech presents unique challenges for any innovator,” Kalahasty continued. “We are breaking through barriers with the guidance of our seasoned health experts and advisors who have a rich history of advancing health tech, allowing us to confidently pave our path to success.”

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Vytal was co-founded by Rohan Kalahasty and Sai Mattapalli in their sophomore year of high school. Rohan mentions that “Vytal’s success thus far has been primarily because of the almost perfect co-founder fit” between Sai and him. In the past, Rohan has worked at numerous institutions, including Harvard Medical School, MIT’s Center for Brains Minds and Machines. He has been a Tech Lead at Roivant Sciences ($7B Biosciences Startup Incubator). Throughout his high school career, he has won international accolades in various research, biology, and computer science competitions. Likewise, Sai has worked at high-level institutions, including Georgetown University and Harvard Med., and served as a business growth intern at Quantbase (backed by Y-combinator). He’s also held several positions on the financial boards of local nonprofits. His team was the global champion of the Wharton High School Investment Competition.

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