Revolutionizing Fintech: Joseph Plazo and Mark Sullivan Unveils Unprecedented 99% Win Rate with AI-Powered Algorithm

Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital unveils groundbreaking AI-powered trading algorithm, “Kali AI,” achieving exceptional win rates.

Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital, a leading non-profit organization specializing in developing Forex and crypto trading algorithms, has announced a revolutionary breakthrough in financial technology. The company has developed a cutting-edge trading algorithm that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect institutional order blocks using volume analysis in real-time.

The algorithm, which operates across TradingView, Ctrader, and Ninjatrader platforms, has shown unprecedented accuracy and efficiency in identifying supply and demand zones, enabling it to trade in alignment with banking institutions. The innovation marks a major stride forward in pursuing the company’s mission: advancing machine learning and artificial intelligence to preserve and grow financial capital.

In a series of rigorous six-month forward testing, the new algorithm has astoundingly demonstrated a 100% win rate on the four-hour chart, a 99% win rate on the one-hour chart, and a remarkable 92% win rate on the 5-minute chart. This impressive performance spans across 26 key forex pairs, 23 index pairs, 6 gold pairs, and 2 oil pairs. Moreover, the algorithm won positions executed on the capital market crashes that took place during the last three FOMC meetings and NFP releases. These are traditionally no-trade scenarios for retail traders due to extreme volatility.

Dubbed “Kali AI” the algorithm monitors over 300 variables in real time to confirm a bounce of institutional order blocks. When volume, momentum and price action are confirmed, the software trades and closes positions within minutes.

Unlike conventional for-profit entities, Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital stands apart with its altruistic approach to disseminating financial technology. The organization does not engage in direct sales but instead focuses on trading internal funds and providing free access to select entities. Manual indicators that provide the primary trading signal are regularly released on the company’s LinkedIn page and Telegram account, while source code is shared with select academic institutions.

“The core mission of Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital has always been to advance machine learning and artificial intelligence to preserve and grow financial capital,” says Joseph Rinoza Plazo, CEO and Co-founder of the company. “With this new trading algorithm, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in fintech and establishing a new standard for the industry.”

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About Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital:

Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital is a non-profit organization that develops capital market trading algorithms based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company is committed to driving innovation in financial technology and fostering a culture of financial growth and preservation. For more information, visit

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