Revolutionizing Data Center Solutions: Yongu’s Innovative 4U Server Cases Offer Customizable, Robust, and Certified Enclosures for Advanced Computing Needs

Revolutionizing Data Center Solutions: Yongu's Innovative 4U Server Cases Offer Customizable, Robust, and Certified Enclosures for Advanced Computing Needs

In the rapidly evolving world of data center and network infrastructure, Yongu has emerged as a game-changer with its state-of-the-art 4U server cases. These cases are not just enclosures but are central to ensuring the longevity, performance, and reliability of critical computing hardware.

Customization at its Core

Yongu’s 4U server cases stand out for their extensive customization options. The company recognizes that each data center has unique needs, and its customization services cater to these specific requirements. Options include:

  • Engraving Services: Yongu offers a range of engraving options such as CNC, UV, Silk, and Laser printing, allowing for personalized branding or labeling of the server cases.
  • Cutouts for Functionality: The cases can be designed with custom cutouts for various components like Ethernet ports, OLED displays, fans, power jacks, and LEDs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of hardware.
  • Diverse Surface Treatments: Customers can choose from a palette of colors (Black, Silver, Grey, Blue, Red, Gold, Yellow, Green, etc.) through anodizing or powder painting, adding both aesthetic appeal and additional protection to the cases.
  • Adjustable Dimensions: The width, height, and length of the server cases can be tailored to meet specific space requirements.
  • Additional Hardware Options: Yongu’s server cases can be equipped with various hardware additions such as screws, bolts, handles, liners, rubber feet, and PMMA to enhance functionality and ease of use.
  • Special Functional Features: Options for conductive or non-conductive surfaces, passivation, Surtec 650, and Alodine treatments are available, offering enhanced protection and durability.
  • Quality and Compliance: The 4U server cases are CE, ROHS, and REACH approved, ensuring compliance with international safety and environmental standards​​.

A Tailored Solution for Every Requirement

Yongu offers its products for individual retail purchases, as well as batch and sample custom enclosures, all without a minimum order quantity (MOQ). This flexibility ensures that whether for a large data center or a small personal project, every client’s needs are met with the same level of excellence and attention to detail.

Reach Out for Custom Solutions

Interested customers can easily reach out to Yongu for more information or to request a quote. The company’s commitment to customer service is evident in its readiness to engage through multiple channels:

  • Email: Clients can send their inquiries or requests to for prompt and professional responses.
  • Instant Messaging: Yongu is also accessible via Whatsapp and WeChat at +86 17708670860, offering real-time communication for clients globally.
  • Skype: For a more personalized interaction, clients can connect with the Yongu team through Skype at jessie_yonggukt​​


Yongu’s 4U server cases are more than just metal boxes; they are the backbone of modern computing infrastructure. With their robust build, customizable features, and compliance with international standards, these cases are ideal for safeguarding and optimizing the performance of valuable server equipment. Yongu invites all interested parties to explore these innovative solutions and reach out for tailor-made server enclosures that meet and exceed their specific needs.

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This release aims to highlight the unique features and benefits of Yongu’s 4U server cases, positioning them as a top choice for various data center requirements. The detailed customization options are emphasized to showcase the product’s versatility and adaptability to different needs. The contact information is included to encourage potential customers to engage with Yongu for their specific server case requirements.

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