Revolutionary new filament dryer to Launch on kickstarter

COMING SOON… Revolutionary New Filament Dryer to Launch on Kickstarter

New York – September 4, 2023 – SUNLU, a leading brand in filament drying, announced its upcoming Kickstarter launch of the next generation filament dryer. As a pioneering company digging into filament dryers, SUNLU’s latest product boasts significant upgrades aimed at enhancing efficiency and capacity.

This game-changing Filament dryer is about to launch on Kickstarter soon:

One of the outstanding innovations of the new filament dryer lies in its design of eight filament holes and a 350W PTC heater, bringing a 50% increase in heating efficiency in comparison to its predecessor S2. This ensures fast and even filament drying, preventing nozzle clogs and print defects caused by moisture.

“We’ve really focused on improving the core issues with our dryers – capacity and drying power,” said Jack Jiang, the founder of SUNLU. “Through the redesigning of our dryer to accommodate four spools, as against the previous one, and the adoption of an advanced PTC heater, we have successfully developed a product capable of genuinely enhancing the 3D printing workflow for makers of all levels.”

The brand new dryer incorporates humidistat and thermostat sensors for precise control. The touch screen showcases the parameters of all drying filaments, including temperature, humidity, and drying time. An intelligent dehumidification system has also been integrated to forestall filament re-absorption of moisture on damp days. SUNLU has included optimized drying profiles for various filament types, drawing on data from over 300,000 users. Drying your 3D printer filaments is now achievable with a single touch.

The translucent chamber enables visibility into the color of your dried filaments, with the marquee indicating operational status. Furthermore, SUNLU empowers 3D printing enthusiasts to personalize the drying box cover, making it a multi-functional dry box.

The company has planed the Kickstarter launch of the new filament dryer in September. Backers will be able to pre-order the dryer at a special discount before its public retail.

Beyond its application in drying 3D printer filament, the dryer finds utility in drying art and craft materials, flowers, and certain foods such as dried fruits. As a top filament dryer brand, SUNLU’s new product aims to maintain its leadership in this burgeoning market.

SUNLU is currently putting the finishing touches on the new filament dryer and expects to launch soon. The company invites customers who are interested in our campaign to sign up on their website to be notified the moment Kickstarter campaign begins.

SUNLU Filadryer S4: Big capacity Filament Dryer with a 350W PTC heater provides 3D printing enthusiasts with a powerful way to dry their filaments, supporting their unlimited 3D printing creativity.

This powerful new filament dryer is available soon on Kickstarter. Learn more:

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