Reverend Shea Scott Edwards’ Success in Celibacy Book Launch Party Greeted with Warm Response

Author Showcases Her Memoir Centered Around God and Celibacy at Local LA Venue

Reverend Shea Scott Edwards’ Book Launch Party for Success in Celibacy was a huge success. Shea’s memoir on celibacy comes at a time where God has rallied women together to stand up to the consequences of untamed sexual aggression. The #Metoo and “Time’s Up” movement show how women are positioned to reestablish their power globally, and celibacy builds off of this momentum as it drives women into the dawn of a new era of feminism and female empowerment by reestablishing God’s Love before lust in an era in need of a reminder.

The author presented her memoir, Success in Celibacy, to a captivated audience, including Takika A. Major from LA Gospel Magazine. Chasity Saunders, plus size supermodel and TV host for BET, was present as a crowded room listened to the Reverend share her story about how choosing temporary celibacy provided her with a better understanding of God’s promise of love.

“The way Shea presents her experience shows how she…just gets it. She’s so warm and approachable. I wish her continued success. God bless.” – Ama Barnes

The launch party drew in an attentive crowd that listened to a message of love, but also a warning for Millennials struggling with faith in a growingly sexual world seeming to drift away from God’s message. The audience also included Marilyn Smith from EUWeb Media, Brian Neal from Creative Island Studios, Ashley Harding from TWA Guest, and Drevante Proctor from Fingerprint Communications. The overall reaction from participants was warm and appreciative for the transparency and realism in the Rev. Shea Scott Edward’s discussion of her tale.

“I’m so proud of her poise, courage and bravery in tackling an issue many keep quiet. She’s not your typical minister,” said Francesca Patron, describing Rev. Shea as “fun, engaging and non-judgmental. This is the type of ministry millennials are looking for.”

God’s presence was clearly felt inside the posh and trendy LA venue. The event began with a red-carpet event with music by DJ Merc and was concluded with delicious desserts presented by “Food Network” and “Southern Girl Desserts.” Equally satisfying was Rev. Shea Scott Edward’s unfiltered account of her experiences through her journey and in writing her story. Many in the crowd felt that it was a much-needed message.

“To be honest, church really isn’t my thing. Coming to this event was a reminder that I need to make my relationship with God my #1 priority, I need to get my life together and give celibacy a try.” – Charles McCurley

Reverend Shea Scott Edwards was available for book signings and questions after the reading where many eager listeners had the opportunity to share their support for her message.

“This is what I’ve been waiting for. In a world that seems determined to turn away from God’s word more and more every day, it’s nice to see someone reminding us about his values.” – Vanessa Hodge

Rev. Shea Edwards is a lifelong artist who found the ministry in 2009 alongside her husband, Brandon. She regularly posts blogs and vlogs on her website, offering down to earth advice and everyday sermons for those looking at how to incorporate Jesus Christ into their daily lives.

For more information on Shea Scott Edwards, her ministry, and her mission click here:

Success in Celibacy is available now.

A special thanks to the events sponsors, Whole Foods, Southern Girl Desserts, with Photos by Jamaal, Barnes Productions Events, TIA, and the Peer Space for providing the venue.

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