Reverbb, the revolutionary new app will allow the users to document their life and leave memories for generations to come

With rapidly evolving technology and digitization of everything, it is time that the good old journal to document life gets a makeover too. Fortunately, Reverbb, a revolutionary new app is providing an innovative way for the people to document their life, whenever they want to.

Integrated with a professional-grade editor and lightning-fast video access, this app allows the users to write, click and record the precious moments of their life and if they want, leave beautiful memories for their next generations. Reverbb is an absolute personal space where one can write or record their life, without judgment, with an option to share it on their social media.

Life is filled with amazing moments and don’t we all sometimes wish we could record certain moments to cherish them forever? Reverbb is making it possible through its unique platform that enables the users to document their life conveniently using their smartphones. Whether it’s the moment of seeing your newborn child for the first time, stepping in a new house, getting married, or experiencing a new country or culture across the world, Reverbb allows you to capture everything for you to reminisce forever.

Reverbb can also act like a digital afterlife that offers glimpses of your life to your loved ones even after you’re gone. And as you document your life, you can connect with the Reverbb community on a more personal level, unlike other social media that is filled with negativity and judgment. You can also leave valuable advice and knowledge you have gained throughout your life, to your family through the Reverbb app. You can simply answer questions on different topics like religion, politics, Marriage, History, etc. and your family can search for your advice within the app and keep getting inspiration from you, even when you’re not there anymore.

Reverbb gives its users the ability to have a voice, to be remembered and to inspire their future generations even when they’re gone. You can also leave messages for their loved ones that can be scheduled at a particular date and time, to let them know that you loved them.

Reverbb will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months and the backers will be able to get access to the app by choosing various rewards. One of the rewards will also allow the backers to donate Reverbb app to patients who’re terminally ill.

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