Revelation Music sends a Message of Faith and Hope to Families during Pandemic

Revelation Music sends a Message of Faith and Hope to Families during Pandemic
Every song is a word directly from God that hope is coming to the world again. The land is healed and everything will soon come back to normal because God loves us and is in control.

Manila, Philippines – Revelation Music is happy to announce the release of their songs of faith and hope along with the album titled “Dominion”. These songs are powerful declarations that allows us to build courage and optimism in this time of pandemic, lockdowns, and uncertainty around the world. 

Through their songs, Revelation Music band wants to ignite hope and have a confident expectation that better days are coming.  A positive message that God is still in control and He is still Good. 

People can listen to the songs on YouTube and on streaming platforms like Spotify & Apple Music.  Mostly composed by Monique Ong, who isn’t a professional composer, she says that because of this she credits everything to God and knows that every lyrics and melody is a download from heaven to bring hope into every soul that listens. 

Speaking about this project Revelation Music said “We bring the sounds of heaven to bless the world. These songs are meant to change the atmosphere by letting listeners encounter the manifest presence of God. Revelation Music aims to inspire with songs downloaded straight from above. Its members from the worship team of Revelation City Church, all coming from different backgrounds but with the same love for Jesus and the heart to serve his people. Their music is made for remembering and rejoicing, worship and warfare, praise, and power”. 

Indeed, we live in challenging times, businesses are closing, many have lost people close to them, and in many countries, home has become a prison for months. People derive so much energy from physical interaction and it has become part of the purpose of our living and survival. 

Despite the massive challenges, Revelation Music hopes to spark from within joy, faith, and hope, into every home. These songs are rich with quality sound, soul-lifting message, angelic voices, and musical instruments like in the days of David. They will transform the imagination of the listener, by making them ignore the tribulations the world is going through and focus on God’s promises of hope and restoration that is coming very soon.

Revelation Music’s album is another great and amazing thing that fans around the world can’t wait to see. The band named the album “Dominion” because they are declaring that the world is Jesus Christ’s domain.  They want to free all families from every form of poverty (body, soul, spirit) in Jesus’ Name. They believe these songs are powerful declarations that can break strongholds and allow the glory of God to penetrate every corner of the earth.

Dominion is their prophetic statement from Luke 10:19 – “Behold I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

On the average, Albums contain 8-10 songs, but for Dominion, the group has managed to come up with 13 songs including 2 songs, “We can make it” which was written in 1996 (25 years ago) and “I am Home” which  was written in 2018.  The group is currently promoting “You are here” which was written by the lead singer Jazz Ong herself. Other songs include “Heaven’s throne”, “Pour out”, “All things new”, “Spirit of the Lord”, “Warfare Song”, “I belong to you”, “All hail”, “Cradle of Grace”, “Jesus you are so good”, “Holy Spirit only you” and “Breaker of Chains” just showing how anointed the band is.  

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