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“By revving the rubber wheel along a flat surface, the gears will spin the blades 6 times faster than the rubber wheel, allowing up to 2500 RPMs of high torque power, enough to emulsify bananas, strawberries, other soft fruits, and juice into a drinkable s”
Revablend is a hand-held non-electric blender that can blend soft fruit, juice, and protein powders into perfect drinkable smoothies in seconds. Designed with internal gears below the jar, the rubber wheel spins the blades at a 6:1 ratio giving you over 2500 RPMs of power to completely puree the contents into a perfect drinkable smoothie. Revablend is a disruptor product in the blending industry. Now you can blend anywhere, and add fresh contents that you like.

Revablend is a breakthrough product in the health and blending industry. Nothing has existed between the shaker bottle and the plug-in blender until now. This technology starts with a patented gear system that attaches to a rubber wheel on the base. When you spin this wheel across a flat surface at a slight angle, the blades will spin up to 2500 RPMs allowing you to turn soft fruit and juice into perfectly drinkable smoothies. Add your protein powder to open a world of nutritious recipes that you can find at Recipes start with fruit smoothies and protein shakes, and there are more recipes uploaded constantly.

Kids love this product as it allows them to make their own healthy drinks. Since the blades do not come out, it is a safe alternative to a plug in blender. Other recipes include ice cream shakes with real fruit, salad dressing recipes that allow you to shred garlic and shallots with ease, and blend with lemon juice and olive oil to make low salt alternatives to store bought dressings. Making omelets is a breeze! Simply crack 4 – 5 eggs into the blender, add spinach, onions, mushrooms, and a jalapeno pepper to make the easiest scrambled eggs or frittatas with no mess. Clean-up is easy by revving up soap and water, or simply put it in the dishwasher.

There are 2 versions of the Revablend available. The first is the original Blender with the stainless steel blades which is designed for fruit and recipes mentioned above. The 2nd version is the turbo-Prop which is a propeller on the bottom that is designed only for protein powders. This allows no powder balls to remain in the jar due to the high speed and turbulence of the propeller. Similar to a boat propeller, this completely mixes protein powders whether the powder is put in before the liquid, or not.

Revablend can be used at home, or running out the door, camping or on a long bike ride, tailgating or simply at the gym. Designed as a healthy way to maintain your nutrition when you are on the go, and never needs batteries or electricity. Human powered for the human drive, Revablend is a dependable source for your blending needs.

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