Rethinking National Security: Heroic Game Day Announces Five-Star Plan That Improves America’s Military Recruitment and Readiness Through Game-Based Learning

Rethinking National Security: Heroic Game Day Announces Five-Star Plan That Improves America's Military Recruitment and Readiness Through Game-Based Learning
Technology has always played a critical role in military power and national security. A military perceived by its rivals to be well-trained, well-equipped, and well-organized is respected. The military can now actively start this work with all kindergarten through sixth-grade students using game-based learning.

Temple, TX – Heroic Game Day unveils a powerful initiative aimed at revolutionizing America’s military recruitment and readiness strategies. Using the power of game-based learning, the Five-Star Plan addresses critical issues facing the nation’s armed forces, ensuring a strong and technologically advanced military for the future.

With technology being integral to national security and military readiness, Heroic Game Day recognizes its potential in shaping a formidable military force. By engaging kindergarten through sixth-grade students through immersive game-based learning experiences, the plan cultivates essential skills and qualities required for military service from an early age.

“This is where tech can help. Just as technology saved the lives of countless soldiers through simulators and tactical skills training, the Department of Defense can further leverage technology to save the futures of its military children (and help them lead the rest of the children in the US),” states Dr. Tom Reed, vice president of HeroicOhio. “Game-based learning can teach the in-demand qualities that our military requires, thereby reversing the current trends of declining recruitment. Starting game-based skills learning in elementary school, we can improve the quality of recruits at scale and enhance perceptions of the military among the general population.”

The plan emphasizes the importance of supporting military families, recognizing their role in strengthening the nation’s defense capabilities. By reinvesting in education and providing resources to military-connected students, Heroic Game Day aims to create a more resilient and prepared military community.

“To be clear, the solution is not just about throwing more money at the issue. It is adding funding to deploy ‘free-market learning’ solutions in which providers guarantee results or not get paid,” states Scott Dow, CEO of Heroic Game Day. “This is the only way to ensure that military children are getting access to proven solutions that will achieve verifiable outcomes that will enhance hope and connectedness of military kids, reverse the current downward trend in military recruiting, and demonstratively improve our national security.”

This is the Five-Star Plan that Heroic Game Day is able to implement at a low cost and guaranteed level of effectiveness:

  • America’s Heroic School: Enroll every military student in America’s Heroic School as a scalable supplement to deliver in-demand skills to elementary age students while maintaining local school autonomy. Kids will have fun and learn more.

  • Heroic Skills World Cup Competition (esports+education): Connect military kids with other military and non-military kids in the US and around the world and let them compete with each other as they learn the life skills of success together.

  • Heroic Parent App: Engage military parents and grandparents with the Heroic Parent app that not only connects them to what their kids are doing in the game but also connects them to a community of other like-minded military parents and grandparents.

  • Junior Military College: Issue certificates of achievement that are branded and accredited by affiliate colleges as the first stage of their leadership training.

  • Heroic Learning Device: Ensure that every military student has access to a Heroic Learning Device for at least 30 minutes per day to use tech for good, build connectedness, and hone critical in-demand skills, and after two years, if they do the work, they’ll own it.

The Heroic Game Day Five-Star Plan will turbocharge military students’ exposure to and experience with technology during their elementary school years so they are excited to learn, serve, work, and lead the world regardless of what career they choose.

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About Heroic Game Day:

Heroic Game Day complements traditional public and private schools as a “bolt-on” supplement that delivers academic, social, and healthy deliverables to schools while maintaining their autonomy. It has been in the making for the past decade, basically using technology (game-based learning, data-driven intelligence, and blockchain) to connect, engage, and deliver world-leading academic, social, and health results that will retain America’s leadership position in the world. This is an extremely scalable education system that can educate one child with the same effectiveness as it can with a million. We know if a student spends 30 minutes per day in the game, they will not only become proficient in the Top 20 critical life skills, but they will also become proficient at their math and reading state tests.

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