Resurgence Of The Analog Beats: Success of India\’s first Premium Audio and Lifestyle Store – The Revolver Club

Analog audio in India is now a re-emerging trend, thanks to the passion of analogue music lovers supported by record stores like The Revolver Club. For most of us in India, the word Vinyl records or more famously known as LPs is nothing but a vintage and old, heard years or maybe decades ago. The belief that the current digital age has made vinyl records obsolete is far from the truth. Parth M Pandya and Jude de Souza, founders of The Revolver Club couldn’t agree more. They believe that “The culture of listening to vinyl records became a lifestyle with its own dynamic, representing the longing for more emotional and better sound quality than digital playback could provide.” Their business, “The Revolver Club” is India’s only audio lifestyle store that believes in going retro futuristic, dealing exclusively in HiFi analogue audio systems, vinyl and turntables. Moreover, Hollywood actor and Disc Jockey, Elijah Wood (From Lord of the Rings) and other celebrities from India have visited and appreciated The Revolver Club records store.

The Revolver Club has grown from being a local record store to one of the most visited websites for audio in India. The credit for this goes to the growing passion for high fidelity audio. The store focuses on Premium Audio both online and offline, and is dedicated in delivering a High fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio experience. They deal with highly sought after Hi-Fi audio brands globally and the products have been hand-picked by the founders themselves for best sound quality. The entire concept is designed to be a heaven for audiophiles by giving exclusive access to a range of products that can truly make them ecstatic. The store also caters to the needs of music professionals like Disc Jockies (DJs), Music Bands and Musicians.

Digitalisation has ruined the complete album experience as now no one dedicates time to listen to an entire album, it’s always the hit singles. As time went by music underwent digitalisation. While digitalisation has the boon of having the best reach ever, it also has the bane of being compressed. Audiophiles around the globe have an inclination towards analogue audio more than digital. That is because they believe, (and their belief is backed with a bit of science) that sound/audio is nothing but vibrations, whereas digital audio is just numbers and algorithms. Hence the vinyl records have the capability to play lossless audio and reproduce sound in its purest recorded form.

Today buying vinyl records and Hi-Fi audio systems has become a task as easy as buying anything else online. Websites such as have encouraged a number of audiophiles in India by making the buying hassle free. Their products range right from the vinyl records and turntables/Phono for analog audio to the high fidelity speakers and power amplifiers of home theatre systems. With the help of the world for audiophiles is now just a click away.

The Revolver Club is currently serving in the Indian subcontinent, with their focus on India. Bharat Thakkar – an automobile showroom owner based in Bangalore, has been into vinyl and analogue audio right from his teenage days. He said that in his 30 odd years of being an audiophile he has never been spoilt for choice as much as he is now. He has bought not just one of the best power amplifiers in the world but also a luxury audio home theatre system from The Revolver Club online store. Their monthly vinyl subscription is one of the most popular service wherein subscribers get a surprise vinyl record every month to explore the unknown and to enjoy new genres. This has been made possible by the entrepreneurs heading The Revolver Club. They have made sure that they only stock and sell audio products that are leading worldwide and deliver only high sound quality. This is why they deal with some the best brands around the globe such as Audio Technicia, Rega, Bang and Olufsen, Pro-Ject, Denon, Tannoy, Sonos, KEF, Quad and Naim.


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