Resurface Skin to Produce Shine and Suppleness without the Need for Anesthesia with SharpLight Technologies

Ageing and the wear and tear of life can cause the skin to become taught, cracked and uncomfortable. While creams can help, they are just a temporary measure and can prove to be expensive when used over time. Similarly, some treatments can be invasive, costly and painful, and many require the patient to be anesthetised.

With SharpLight Technologies’ cutting-edge fractional resurfacing treatments, it is possible to make skin smooth, supple and youthful again and restore that vibrant glow. The procedure is a non-invasive and comforting process that adds vitality to the skin.

The secret to SharpLight’s treatment is that it resurfaces the skin, with the result being a much fresher and invigorated look and feel. A company spokesman for the clinical tech company added that “our advanced technology means that we can treat our patients in comfort quickly and safely. Patients come to us with weathered or aged skin and leave with their skin taking on a much healthier and fresher look and feel”.

The secret sauce of SharpLight’s approach to treatment is the Er:YAG laser that systematically removes dried, cracked or damaged layers on the top of the skin. With these parts and layers removed, fresh skin grows thoroughly and replenishes it.

“After their treatment, our patients often cannot believe how different they feel. Our laser system removes spots, scars, wrinkles and dead cells which reduces the amount of dead or old skin and leaves patients feeling extremely good about them.”

Patients’ top layer of skin in afflicted areas is removed by the Er:YAG laser through the application of a micro epidermal peel. This causes a thermo-mechanical reaction in the patient’s skin and results in the old layer’s removal.

“Another benefit of the laser is that can be used for a variety of use cases and treatment needs. Because of its leading-edge design, clinics can set the laser to a variety of different strengths and depths depending on the patient’s treatment objectives. Because it can be so easily tailored to each patient’s requirements, our treatments can be carried out over a small number of short sessions that provides the most convenient and comfortable experience for our patients as possible”.

Compared to other types of skin therapies, SharpLight Technologies’ cutting edge treatments are also perfect for patients with busy lifestyles.

The small number of short appointments required carrying out the laser therapy, in addition to the low number of side effects and rapid recovery time makes it the ideal option when time is in short supply. In just a short period, SharpLight Technologies can produce rapid improvements in our client’s skin in just 3-4 sessions, and combat a range of skin conditions at the same time.

About SharpLight Technologies Inc.

SharpLight Technologies are leaders in aesthetic devices to carry out a wide range of clinical treatments. With manufacturing in Israel and a Canadian presence in Vaughan, ON, the clinical technology company is ideally placed to provide expertise and services into the Canadian market. With rapid results and non-invasive procedures, patients can rejuvenate and restore aged and weathered skin.  

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