Restoring Hope: Saleh’s Family Struggles to Rebuild Amidst Devastation in Gaza

In the heart of Gaza, Saleh, a devoted engineer, along with his beloved wife Fifi and their precious children, Sami and Sela, dreamt of a life filled with peace and prosperity. But their dreams were shattered by the horrors of war that descended upon their once tranquil neighborhood.

Before The War

Saleh’s family cherished every moment together, basking in the warmth of their home. Saleh worked tirelessly, providing for his family with his consultancy services, ensuring comfort and happiness prevailed.

Phosphorus and Suffocation

The nightmare began on October 8, 2023, as phosphorus shells ravaged their neighborhood, leaving Sela gasping for breath amidst the chaos. Their journey to safety was fraught with peril, with each step outside carrying the weight of uncertainty and danger.

No Medicine, No Water, No Food

For months, Sela battled complications from inhaling toxic fumes, unable to access healthcare amidst relentless shelling. Their refuge in Nuseirat camp brought little relief, as they struggled to secure food and water to sustain their family.

The Second Displacement

Escaping the devastation, Saleh and his family sought solace in Rafah, determined to rebuild their shattered lives. But the road ahead is fraught with challenges, and they need your support to turn their dreams of a better tomorrow into reality.

Sela, their youngest daughter, suffers from chest allergies, and her condition has worsened due to the war and inhaling smoke resulting from the bombings. He requires a Nebulizer that relies on a constant power source.

How You Can Help

With your generosity, Saleh’s family can start anew:

  • Evacuation to Safety: €15,000
  • Essentials for Survival: €7,000
  • Critical Medical Care for Sela: €3,000
  • Education for Sami and Sela: €2,000
  • Restoring Saleh’s Business: €20,000

Every contribution, no matter the size, brings them one step closer to rebuilding their lives and restoring hope in their hearts.

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