Resoomer launches web service for summarizing argumentative texts

Copy-paste tool is easy to use and recommended for individuals, students, and professionals

For those who work with documents, productivity is essential. They need to be able to summarize content, assimilate ideas, and deliver high capacity. Resoomer is proud to announce the launch of their new application designed for everyone who work with texts. With just a click of a button, users can copy and paste their content and get a summary of their texts, making it easier to analyze, process, and assimilate. Resoomer is recommended for college students, readers, and professionals, and is available as a browser extension and a web service for business.

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“We created Resoomer to revolutionize the way people use content on the internet. Resoomer is a full-fledged program that anyone who makes use of any form of texts will find useful. Our vision for creating the software is to make it easy for students and professionals to find the most relevant content and move the frontiers of research, arts, and document analysis to the next level,” said a representative of Resoomer.

How Resoomer Works

Resoomer is a text summarizing platform that makes it easy for anyone to find the most critical points in their articles, texts, and online content, and make use of it the way they want. Using Resoomer is very easy. All the user has to do is copy and paste argumentative text, and then click the Resoomer button. Users can make use of the Resoomer browser extension to summarize online articles or use the web service for business.

“It’s an amazing online tool to create easy summaries. I now use it every day for content gathering and aggregation. I couldn’t stop talking about it and getting everyone I know to try it out. If you are looking for a productivity tool to make your work faster and easier, this is the one,” said Matthew D, a publisher.

Who Can Use Resoomer?

Resoomer is useful for anyone in the literary circle or those who work with texts. It is helpful for college students to summarize Wikipedia pages, professors to identify important ideas in their argumentative texts, and institutions to identify important messages. Resoomer is also useful for readers, writers, journalists, editors, museums, librarians, publishers, etc.

About Resoomer

Resoomer is an IT company that builds applications that make life easier. They offer useful tools that help increase productivity and improve the quality of work and life.

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