Resoly Adds AI to its Self-serve Platform to Provide Instant Tax Relief Solutions was founded with the goal of upending the tax resolution industry by improving customer experience. It has now taken its self-serve platform to the next level with the addition of Artificial Intelligence,  helping customers get started fixing their tax problems faster, cheaper, and more securely.

Speaking to the media, Laura Garcia from Resoly explained what Tax Debt is: “Tax debt is when you owe money to the government because you didn’t pay your taxes on time or you didn’t pay enough. Sometimes, this debt can get bigger because of fines and interest added by the government. When it comes to taxes, it can be confusing and stressful, especially if you owe money to the government. Resoly helps people and businesses deal with their tax debt.”

With Resoly’s AI-powered Self-serve platform, both individuals and businesses can now deal with their tax debt. Resoly’s online software makes it easier for everyone to understand how much money they owe and what they can do about it.

Laura Garcia also explained about Tax debt relief: “Tax debt relief is when you get help to reduce the amount of money you owe to the government. Resoly offers a program to help with this. They can help you settle your debt with the government, negotiate with them to lower the amount you owe, or find other ways to make it easier for you to pay.”

Resoly also has professionals who can talk to the government on behalf of its clients. They are an expert in taxes and can help their customers figure out the best way to deal with their tax debt.

As a Fintech solution, Resoly uses technology to make it easier for people to manage their money. With its easy-to-use software,  professional assistance, and guidance, Resoly puts financial control back into the hands of its customers.  The company aims to make it easier for people to understand what they owe and find ways to pay it back.

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