Resiliency for First Responders: Getting the Job Done No Matter What by James Hyde

Resiliency for First Responders: Getting the Job Done No Matter What is a guide for first responders and their families on how to build resiliency in their daily lives. James Hyde, a first responder himself, outlines the unique challenges facing these men and women, as well as their families. His voice speaks out to you as a first responder, sharing hope during the darkest days of PTSD. 

“My family comes from a long line of first responders, those who work the front lines and are there at the worst situations, using their skills to save lives and help people in their darkest moments. However, being willing to serve can come with a great cost, physically, mentally, and emotionally,” said James. 

After serving as a police officer, James saw the need to for greater practical support when a close friend committed suicide. His inspiration for writing this book was the families of these first responders, recognizing that they also need practical support. Their families must live with crazy schedules, emotional trauma facing their loved ones, and the inability to create a family-friendly routine. Resiliency for First Responders: Getting the Job Done No Matter What gives you practical skills and tips to maintain your family relationships and turn negatives into positive experiences that help you grow. 

Throughout this book, James focused on sharing healthy coping skills, as well as practical tips for you to create meaningful family time, regardless of your changing shifts. He also demonstrates how to break the cycle of unhealthy coping skills that negatively impact first responders and their families. He gives you practical suggestions about how to carve out family time and ways to keep your family relationships strong. 

James also has a unique perspective as the son of two first responders and someone who was married to a first responder (his wife, Susan, was a police officer). That means when he writes about what many family members deal with, James is sharing his own life and truly speaking to your shared experiences as members of this unique band of brothers and sisters. 

Throughout his career, James has actively worked with former and active military, as well as first responders in towns and cities throughout the United States. Along with his wife, James works to provide practical support and give first responders an outlet to address the challenges they face. 

James Hyde has served as a police officer, homicide detective, and member of the military. With his training in PTSD, James can help create programs that identify at-risk first responders and military personnel, getting them the help they need. James also leads trainings and workshops that emphasize healthy coping skills. He currently lives in California with his wife and family. 

To contact James Hyde regarding his workshops, trainings, or to set up your own peer-to-peer support group, email him at or go to his website

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