Reset America 2016 hopes to postpone the presidential election

An initiative has kicked off to see the 2016 presidential election postponed.

“Reset America 2016” is an opportunity for citizens to make a serious splash on the United States of America. 

“We are launching a call-to-action to join our voters in every state to sign a petition to postpone the election for six months” said Gar Michaels, the inspirational force behind the initiative. “We need a “time out” for our great country, the U.S. of A., and its great American people…  To take one collective breathe.”

The initiative wants to offer audiences real candidates and real choices, says Michael.

“My fellow citizen, this is…  All about our children!  We must have a candidate that shares true American values:    Equal rights regardless of your skin color, nationality or creed.  Equal pay irregardless of gender; male or female, of age; old or young.  Humble, honest, compassionate, diligent, open-minded.      Has the welfare of the common man top of mind.

“We must unite! We must stand up! We must fight! This is the United States of America and we have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The lesser of two evils is not an option! It’s time to RESET AMERICA 2016! Real choices. Real candidates.

The movement starts with us and it ends with us. Now tell us – Are you in?”

The petition can be found at

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Company Name: Reset America 2016
Contact Person: B.Campbell
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