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Lots of landlords and permanent asset owners are always on the lookout for a lasting solution to the perennial problem associated with leasing out properties. They need a better professional and beneficial method of relating with their tenants. Property owners are usually left stranded to choose from just two options: hire an expensive property management company that would charge hectic fees or use antiquated approaches that require multiple tools and service providers, consuming time and creating frustration for tenants and landlords alike. But with Rentorr we give adequate and assured services in Property management and marketing; we manage all leasing processes including the tenant application.

About Rentorr

Rentorr is based in South Africa. We are intelligent, autonomous and capable of properly managing your property especially with our hands on property management software. Rentorr is here to replace the manual and boring way of doing things. This is why we always stand apart from the crowd. We have integrated adequate tools for proper functioning of our services in mobile software. Our software function as a robot, perfectly intimated the full details of how the marketing and legal maintenance function of a landlord is carried out.

Our services

Rentorr is an all-in-one, autonomous and intelligent, residential property management software delivered as a service—replacing manual and piecemeal methods currently used by this large, underserved and rapidly shifting legacy market. We’ve developed unique tools to automate most of the landlord process—from marketing and legal to maintenance and accounting—and we’re building a platform for a multitude of services and products for residential property owners and tenants. This also includes a free online rental application.

The software is easy and simple to use. Tenants can make payment without the hassle of going to the banks. Also, Landlords can collect rent online too. Paying for rented apartments can be a difficult task sometimes; but Rentorr has made it very easy for both tenants and landlords to exchange payment understanding without a physical meeting.

There are several benefits of using our software. It is a complete solution without any loop holes. Every service of a potential landlord is inputted in it. It saves time and money of both the landlord and tenants which is a form of allowing delivery of a better service at lower cost. Tenants and landlords can be screened; that is, a landlord can screen the kind of tenants he wants, this also applies to the landlord as well. Other services can be integrated here also, for example, the selling of products to both landlords and tenants.

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About Founders

T.J Oresanya, is the CEO. He created, made and launched new products at ZanyOx Ltd. He has 5 years of start-up experience.

A. R Lingwati, CMO. He is the chief marketer and creative director for national brands through self-built agency.

Dmitry Dobritsky, CTO. Senior engineer and lead at Duo Security and Barracuda Networks. 10 years start-up experience with scalable cloud-based services and large-scale systems operations with security emphasis.

And, Alexandr Aveyanov, Front End Engineer.

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Company Name: Rentorr Services
Contact Person: A.R Lingwati
Phone: +271 2000 2568
Country: South Africa