Renowned Voice Artist Eliza Jane Schneider Elevates the Voice of the People in Her Acclaimed Play and Upcoming Podcast

Renowned Voice Artist Eliza Jane Schneider Elevates the Voice of the People in Her Acclaimed Play and Upcoming Podcast
Schneider’s one-woman play, “Freedom of Speech,” expands to an enthralling podcast, amplifying unheard voices.

PORTLAND, OR – Eliza Jane Schneider, a renowned voice artist committed to preserving diverse dialects and amplifying the voices of those often overlooked, is taking her award-winning production, “Freedom of Speech”, to the next level with an engaging podcast that seeks to spark global conversations among a myriad of voices.

“Freedom of Speech,” the play, tells the remarkable account of Schneider’s 317,000-mile personal journey throughout the country in her repurposed ambulance, as she collected over 7,000 interviews among the multitude of voices that reflect the distinctive and widely varying perspectives, opinions and thoughts of a diverse population. Schneider’s unique approach provides an unfiltered look into American culture through candid, open conversations that traditional interviews lack, asking the simple, yet deeply intricate question of “What’s going on?”

“If Lily Tomlin and Anna Deavere Smith were to merge their talents, the result might be something like Eliza Jane Schneider’s “Freedom of Speech”, a dramatic tour of America and also a tour de force… A wondrous harmony of American voices pouring from a one-woman choir.” — Time-Out New York said.

To continue fostering open dialogue, inclusivity and diversity, Schneider’s new podcast will serve as an extension of her revolutionary one-woman show. As a global platform for all voices to be heard, regardless of status or social class, this podcast will ignite conversations about representation and identity through the power of storytelling. 

The raw, unfiltered focus on human experience serves as the foundation for the podcast, as Schneider harnesses the voices of the people to prompt the audience to recollect the shared elements that bind them together, aiming to dismantle the barriers that oftentimes foster separation and discord.

The podcast’s official release date is January 6th, and this choice is anything but random. Schneider seized the occasion provided by the anniversary of the insurrection to shift the conversation’s focus away from the vocal minority and squarely address the issues at hand.

The underlying principle behind “Freedom of Speech” ensures every voice is heard which will live on through this transformational podcast. Aiming to shift the paradigm and empower the voiceless, Schnieder continues to create a living archive of the breathtaking accounts of endless secrets and stories told by real, authentic voices.

“Captivating!  A vivid aural photo album of America.” — New York Post 

“Astonishing transformations!” — New York Times 


You can find a preview right now of Eliza Jane’s Podcast on  The special launch event,  solo play performance and launch party will be here:

  • Saturday, January 6th, 2024, 8pm PST

  • Tickets ($25 Early Bird, $35 General Admission)

  • Artist discount available

  • Podcast will launch simultaneously on

All ages are welcome, but content may be mature for some audiences; viewer discretion is advised. Free parking is available in the lot across the street until it is full.

Alberta Abbey is a 501(c)(3) non-profit nurturing the arts in NE Portland by amplifying the creative voices of underrepresented communities.

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About Eliza Jane Schneider

Eliza Jane Schneider, an acclaimed voice artist, actor, musician, playwright, entrepreneur, writer, producer, dialectologist, and celebrity coach. She brings over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry to her multifaceted career. As the CEO of Vox Pop Entertainment and Competitive Edge Voice Training, she has been instrumental in helping actors find their unique character voices and break into the world of animation and video games through her online school. Eliza is renowned for voicing the female population of Comedy Central’s South Park for five years. Her passion for dialects and accents led her to travel six continents, recording thousands of people speaking English in their native dialects for her extensive Dialect Database. As a committed activist, she’s devoted to preserving dialects and amplifying the voices of underserved communities. Beyond her career, Eliza’s love for music shines as she plays Zydeco fiddle in the band “Lucky Beaucoup.” Eliza’s journey of curiosity and exploration has led to her latest endeavor, the “Freedom of Speech” podcast, where she takes audiences on a global voyage to give voice to people from diverse backgrounds, bridging cultures, and elevates the stories of those who’ve been unheard.

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