Renowned Model Can Muhammed Karagoz Takes A Giant Stride In A Recent Campaign Against Bullying Amongst Minors

With the help of social media, Can Muhammed Karagoz has recently come to the aid of a Michigan native Robert Stuart as he helps him fight against bullying and overcome the trauma this had caused the young chap for a very long time

Children can be mean to others, especially if they notice something different or strange. It is something that has happened throughout history, because the little ones in the house, in many cases, have not yet developed that filter that adults use to not freely express everything they think, because they understand that their opinion can sometimes negatively affect others.

Such is the case with Robert Stuart, an 11-year-old Michigan boy, who has suffered bullying because of his long hair. His case has spread rapidly through social media, because of a Post written by the celebrated professional model and dancer Can Muhammed Karagoz. This a Post where he presented the terrible moment the child has experienced on his first day of school, because of his long hair, and where he also incited the global Facebook Community to express all his solidarity even sharing his long haired modeling shots with Robert to support and show affection to the boy.

“Never change who you are for others,” Can Muhammed Karagoz told to Stuart, “Criticism will always be present when you pursue your dreams and express your style.”

Robert’s campaign created by the dancer and model has received an excellent reception. More than 1,000 people have expressed support for the boy, and encouraging the young man to continue expressing his personal style and taste. Robert Stuart is entirely entitled to long hair and should not face bad comments for doing so.

Social media and international recognition must be available to help others, that is the duty and responsibility that many celebrities ignore each day. But that’s not the case with Can Muhammed Karagoz. With extensive experience on catwalks around the world, in cities such as Paris, Milan and New York, the model takes every opportunity he has to teach and support others, and to motivate them to express their personal styles and pursue their dreams.

Robert Stuart, a handsome 11-year-old young men from Michigan.

“Being a male model is fine, but being a role model is my real goal”, says Can Muhammed Karagoz. “Helping others is a source of great joy and satisfaction for me. Everyone deserves to dress and look the way they want, as well as pursue their dreams.”

Robert Stuart, a boy who is only 11 years old, has decided to express his own style, should be applauded, despite the ill-intentioned jokes of other children, as well as the campaign to support the boy who leads Can Muhammed Karagoz, to which thousands of people have joined with the sole interest of supporting a good young man.

That social media serves, as a network of solidarity is something that Can Muhammed Karagoz is very clear about. It also serves, as a major purpose to help young people like Robert Stuart not to feel alone in their efforts to be whom they want to be.

To join the initiative, visit Can Muhammed Karagoz’s Official Facebook Profile today: @CanMuhammedKaragoz

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