Renowned Health Guru Ralph Quinlan Forde Launches Crowdfunder for Second Edition of ‘The Book of Tibetan Medicine’ with Support from H.H. The 17th Karmapa

Bestselling author and health Guru Ralph Quinlan Forde will be launching a crowdfunder on this Saturday the 14th of October.

H.H. The 17th Karmapa wrote the foreward for the book which hopes to raise an awareness of Tibetan medicine and therefore conserve it for future generations of humanity. 

Tibetan Medicine is the oldest integrative medical system in the world.

This crowdfund is particularly relevant to over 200 million Buddhists living in Asia. 

Tibetan Medicine is a profound, effective Buddhist medical healing art practice successfully for over 10 centuries. 

The book is also lavishly illustrated with sacred paintings and has received rave reviews.

“A masterpiece!” — Cadecus Magazine

 “This is possibly the best book I have read for a long, long time.” — Professor Jan de Vries

“Highly Recommended.” — Mandala Magazine

This crowdfunder is for the second edition of his bestselling book The Book of Tibetan Medicine. Ralph is also the founder of a cosmetic brand and people who purchase a book can also choose to sample the natural products he creates. If they sign up by email before the Saturday the 14th they also receive a 10% discount on the book which will arrive before Christmas 2023 just in time for gifting. There will also be special buys from his other brand

“The Book of Tibetan Medicine” is the most comprehensive guide to this ancient integrative healing system.You will learn how to balance your body, mind and spirit through natural techniques such as diet, behaviour, yoga, herbal cures and medicines derived from natural sources.

Sponsoring the printing of Dharma books has been a mainstay of Buddhist practice for millennia. The benefits are vast — the immense merits collected from sponsoring Dharma publications is said to help increase lifespan, heal the body, reduce obstacles and problems, and create the necessary conditions to make a lasting positive change in life, both spiritually and secularly. Publishing dharma books is one of the ten meritorious deeds in Buddhism  

Author Ralph Quinlan Forde says, ’Tibetan Medicine is a very profound healing medical art that is actually a fusion of five world medical systems including Ayurveda from India and Chinese medicine. Tibetan Medicine actually cures disease whereas western medicine now manages disease. The herbal preparations have few side effects and some of the precious medicines contain powdered crystals and jewels. This is why I hope people will support the crowdfund and also gain positive karmic merit for themselves as there are over 200 million Buddhists in Asia who would be interested to contribute to such a project.’

The crowdfunder will open this Saturday 14th of October for the second edition of The Book of Tibetan Medicine


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