Renowned Author Writes Compelling Book on Spiritual Warfare

Prominent writer Irwin Brown has just released his magnum opus entitled, “Flowing in God’s Purpose; Discerning God’s Picture in Spiritual Warfare.”

Garland, Texas – May 8, 2018 – Irwin Brown is thrilled to announce the launch of his book titled “Flowing in God’s Purpose; Discerning God’s Picture in Spiritual Warfare.” It highlights the importance of acquiring wisdom and strength in the midst of life’s challenges and adversities.

Brown underscored the value of Spiritual Discernment, which empowers human beings with the capability to perceive what is not understandable to other persons. “The gift of discernment or acumen is the capacity to view and sense things that are not natural,” he explained.

Flowing in God’s Purpose provides readers with a whole lot of viewpoints related to spiritual combat. The author focuses on theology (religion) as the main theme. This book presents areas in people’s lives where the enemy cannot be seen. In life, it is but common to encounter trials and frustrations from the physical or psychological domain.

Unfortunately, some people fail to realize the larger picture once they follow an unacceptable point of view. The saving grace of humans is that God knows the initial response of his children because it was God who gave everyone the power of emotion. Emotions are normal and become evident, particularly during trying times. This book by Brown offers a variety of standpoints.

According to Brown, “Emotions are capable of distorting hardships because God the Creator wants his children to see him both in their ordeals and victories.”

It is possible the Lord does not disclose all answers right away. There is a proper time for the revelation to take place. The period could be in the present or after several years. However, God will show how these trials and sufferings brought humanity to where they are right now.

People must remain wary because the Devil will not stop in trying to deceive them. Satan’s purpose is to lead man away from God. The Lord does not cause, but allows trials to take place. Discernment gives everyone the capacity to recognize the devil’s tricks and traps.

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About Irwin Brown

Irwin Brown was born in Waco (State of Texas) and grew up in a military environment. He used experiences in life for spiritual development. Brown wants to share his learning with other people. Irwin Brown’s favorite maxim is, “Everything happens as it should.”

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