Renowned Author Shahram Kabiri Teases New Book Titled “One Thousand Roses”

Renowned Author Shahram Kabiri Teases New Book Titled "One Thousand Roses"

UAE – Dubai-based entrepreneur, Shahram Kabiri is set to launch a new poetry book titled “One Thousand Roses” by the end of April 2021. The book tells it all about “young love” from the rush of emotions that accompany learning how to love to getting back up after love is lost. In ‘One ‘Thousand Roses’ Shahram Kabiri tells it all about his enthusiasm for love and positivity. He narrates how genuine love can be found, lost, and then refound. In a way, the book reveals Kabiri’s life to his readers as much as it mirrors its’ readers’ own experiences. Shahram Kabiri, with his exceptional writing prowess, kept the book highly relatable by covering every subject related to romance that every young person wants to know in his life.

Born and raised in Dubai, the businessman belongs to Iranian heritage. Kabiri’s parents originally from Tehran, Iran, moved to Dubai and have lived there ever since. Growing up. apart from having a ravenous appetite for poetry, Shahram was also interested in soccer, taekwondo and kung fu martial arts. With a BA and MBA in Global Economies, Business Management and International Law, he has established himself as a successful businessman, CEO, advisor of M1 Holding, and a freelance poet/writer. Shahram is very well learned. In addition to being an accomplished writer, he has found success in business. He attributes his passion for prose and poetry to his teens and young love, he started writing on a personal blog called “Parvangi.” However, he put together all of his work, cleaned them up and published it as a digital book. Moving on. he started also to share his work on Facebook before he moved on to his Instagram page, where he writes about it broad perspective of human experiences. In one of his interviews, he revealed that he was, “mostly on Instagram @888shk and occasionally on Twitter and Snapchat, barely on Facebook.” As a die-hard romantic, a good number of his works are romantic poems which have also been sung by singers such as Siavash Shams and Babak Jahanbakhsh.

For many people on Instagram, Shahram Kabiri is the caring son, brother, uncle, and mentor that they wish to have in their lives. His gentle and appreciative nature have drawn people to him as much as his books. Through his works and words of encouragement on social media, many have learned to be content with their own lives while working to achieve more. He is loved mostly for being relatable.

As a writer, he has focused on poetry and prose and his reason is to ‘inspire youth and change their thinking.’ He is very keen on helping every young person to live their life to the max. After coming into the limelight for his first book. “Sometimes I Miss Myself” Shahram Kabiri had dedicated himself to writing positive content that uplifts. About his new book, ‘A Thousand Roses,’ Shahram says, ‘This was a journey of nostalgia. I was swept up in memories of my love stories. heartbreaks, and healings. Whatever stage you are in life, we can all relate to the feelings we have through the night.’ As he progresses in his life journey, he plans to travel more, fulfill his dreams and spend more time with his family.

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