Renowned Author, Patrick Palmer, Sheds Light on the Transformative Journey of Caregivers


Patrick Palmer, who is a dedicated advocate of cancer research and an extraordinary caregiver, has ventured into writing and offers indispensable support to caregivers around the world.  His books include “The Healing of a Caregiver: The Road to Acceptance and Recovery From the Loss of a Loved One,” “A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving: Hard-Earned Lessons for Men—and Women,” and “The Healing of a Caregiver: The Road to Acceptance and Recovery From the Loss of a Loved One.” 

His life took a significant turn towards writing for caregivers and supporting cancer research in the wake of his wife’s diagnosis and subsequent battle with Stage IV brain cancer.  In September 2011, Patrick received the devastating news from a neurosurgeon that his wife had been diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer, and her prognosis was grim, with an estimated lifespan of six to twelve months. This heart-wrenching revelation shook his world to its core. Faced with the daunting task of caring for his wife and lacking guidance, he embarked on a journey to become a caregiver, learning the ropes along the way. 

Tragically, his wife, Angela, passed away on February 15, 2016, after a valiant battle with glioblastoma multiforme at the age of 68. During those four and a half years following the diagnosis, Patrick dedicated himself to providing Angela with the utmost love and unwavering care. Patrick Palmer’s commitment to the caregiving community, his efforts in fundraising for cancer research, and his written works all serve as a lasting tribute to Angela’s legacy and his own transformative journey as a caregiver and advocate Angela’s fight with glioblastoma multiforme came to an end on February 15, 2016. Nevertheless, it initiated a journey for Patrick Palmer in assisting the carers as well as supporting cancer research. For four and half years, Patrick showed unrelenting compassion and support towards Angela which continues to shape his work now.

Patrick Palmer’s books reflect on his personal journey and offer practical advice for hands-on caregiving. His writings also explore the process of healing that is necessary for caregivers. Family members are usually taken by surprise as caregiving is a journey that unfolds through an unpredictable process or the effects of the illness. Patricks’s books are meant to be a voice of reason for this challenging road, offering lessons and fellowship with others in the same boat.

Testimonials from readers further highlighting the impact of Patrick Palmer’s caregiving books: 

Patrick Palmer’s books are a testament to his personal experiences, offering a practical guide for hands-on caregiving while exploring the healing process for caregivers themselves. Caregiving is a journey that often unfolds unexpectedly, where family members face the challenges of old age or unforeseen medical conditions. Patrick’s books aim to shed light on this difficult path, providing insight into the do’s and don’ts of caregiving and instilling a sense of solidarity for those facing similar circumstances.

1. Muriel Mischook writes, “Patrick Palmer’s books inspired me to ‘get ready’ for the worst in order to appreciate the best of every precious moment with our ailing loved ones. He guides us through the importance of networking, gathering resources, and researching options to facilitate the task of caregiving but also cautions us regarding the internal demands and how to support ourselves emotionally as caregivers. A practical guide that covers all the bases!”

2. Another testimonial from Peter J Howe says, “Excellent, detailed, practical advice especially useful for men who suddenly have to become caregivers for their wives, parents, children, or others and who haven’t really been served by a book like this by men for men. Patrick is a guy’s guy, a former football-playing Air Canada pilot and YMCA president, who saw his late, lovely wife Angela through a dreadful battle with cancer. 

Whether it’s how to take people up on their offers of help, how to take care of yourself, what to know about converting a life-insurance policy to end-of-life financial support, how to hire hospice nurses and other home helpers, what to know about installing accessibility aids on your stairs and in your bathroom, and much more … Pat gives you the straight scoop, drawing on his own hard-earned experience. This is a focused, succinct book full of useful, smart advice on every page.”

3. A former caregiver states, “Mr. Palmer raises the bar until it hits us in the head! Caregiving is not ‘rocket science’ however, as per his books on caregiving; it requires preparedness, compassion, and resilience. A must-read!”

4. “As a caregiver myself this touched on some important points that I have to realize for myself, such as self-care and asking for help. The book is quick and to the point and provides some concise suggestions to help manage new challenges you may face caring for a loved one. Good read!” attests another testimonial from Marlena.

5. The final testimonial reflects on the transformative power of Patrick Palmer’s experience, stating, “Author, Patrick Palmer, has contemplated life and loss. The transformative power and effect of his tragic experience and recovery is inspiring. There is great comfort in knowing that suffering and joy can co-exist whilst caregiving. Life is complex, and we are grateful for all its nuances…as difficult as they can be at the time.”

It is truly inspirational that Patrick Palmer moved from being a caregiver to advocate and author giving hope to caregivers all over the world. The books authored by him remain an invaluable tool to persons struggling with the challenge of caregiving and offer guidance on getting through the rough journey.

While supporting cancer research, Patrick Palmer is dedicated to the caregiving community. His passion is an enduring homage to the legacy of his wife, Angela and his evolution as caregiver and the champion.

However, for caregivers the route forward is not often a simple one; unexpected bumps in the journey might arise at any turn. 

Moreover, Patrick Palmer’s book, Are You Prepared to be a Caregiver? offers much more than practical tips, they create a community and a commonality that is unique and real. 

His books are not just handbooks. They are a lifeline for people forced to be caregivers and show them how to deal with the challenges and emotional intricacies in a caregiving environment.

The caregivers of this world are heroes without songs, and Patrick Palmer’s story is evidence of their power and tenacity.

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List of Patrick’s books:

  1. A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving: Hard-Earned Lessons for Men—and Women—Caring for a Loved One at Home

  1. Are You Prepared to be a Caregiver?

  1. The Healing of a Caregiver: The Road to Acceptance and Recovery From the Loss of a Loved One

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