Renowned audiologist, Dr. Cliff Olson recently presented at the AudA 2023 Conference, Phonak RISE and APPF Summit 2023

Phoenix, Arizona – September 20, 2023 – Dr. Cliff Olson, a regarded expert in audiology, recently captivated audiences with his wealth of knowledge and insights at three global events. He was invited to speak at the AudA 2023 Conference in Australia, APPF Summit 2023 in South Africa, and Phonak RISE Conference in Miami, where he shared expertise on Best Practice Audiologic Care and the changing landscape in hearing healthcare. 

Dr. Olson was a Keynote speaker at the national AudA 2023 Conference held in Australia from May 7th to the 10th. This conference is well known for its cutting-edge presentations and workshops on audiology and hearing science. His introductory keynote was titled “Thrive or Die – why consumer understanding of Best Practices will determine your fate”. Where Dr. Olson encouraged Australian audiologists to start following Comprehensive Audiologic Best Practices to remain relevant in the changing landscape of hearing healthcare. Other talks by Dr. Olson included a Masterclass teaching Australian Audiologists how to create content as well as a panel discussion discussing Hearing aid technology updates & how to evaluate new products. Audiologist Dr. Angela Alexander commented the following, stating, “I attended Dr. Cliff’s workshop and I was blown away with his ability to distill his strategies and immediately have us put pen to paper to try what he had just taught us. He included helpful hints, funny memes, and great feedback from our practical application. I would be happy to attend any workshops or talks he gives in the future.” Dr. Olson finished by launching the HearingUp Network in the Australian Market. 

Following the AudA Conference, Dr. Olson attended the APPF Summit 2023, which took place in South Africa from August 6th to 8th and gathered professionals, researchers, and experts in the audiology and hearing healthcare industry. During his keynote talk, Dr. Olson delivered a speech on the critical importance of using Best Practices to improve the quality of patient care.  In a separate talk, he officially launched the HearingUp Network in South Africa. Dr. Olson held multiple training sessions with South African Audiologists demonstrating how to perform Real Ear Measurement & Test Box Measures, both critical components to Best Practice Audiologic care. “South Africans with Hearing Loss struggle with the same issues that Americans do. It is incredibly hard for them to find an excellent hearing care provider who is committed to following best practice audiologic care.” stated Dr. Olson, “I’m excited to partner with the APPF & the Independent Audiology Matrix in an effort to help South Africans find an audiologist who follows comprehensive best practices.”

To conclude his travels, Dr. Olson was invited to speak at the Phonak RISE Conference, which took place in Miami, USA on August 23rd. The goal of this talk was to teach hearing care professionals how to provide MASSIVE value to their patients by improving their patient’s clinic experience and providing Best Practice audiologic care. The theme of the conference was to help those in attendance outpace, outreach, and outperform their competition who are not willing to adapt to the changing landscape of hearing healthcare. Deanna Serrano, Phonak Senior Practice Services Manager stated “Thank you so much for a stellar presentation! Our customers were raving for the rest of the conference about your message.” 

Dr. Cliff Olson is respected internationally in audiology for his patient-centered approach and expertise in integrating Best Practice Audiologic care into hearing healthcare. As the founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona, the Doctor Cliff AuD YouTube Channel, & the HearingUp Provider Network he has positively impacted the hearing loss community by offering hearing loss & treatment education as well as treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus.

Those attending either event received an engaging & informative experience as Dr. Olson drew on his clinical experience to show audiologists why it is so important to provide Best Practice Audiologic care to achieve optimal treatment outcomes for their patients. His presentations covered emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities within audiology, making them invaluable for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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About Dr. Clifford Olson:

Dr. Clifford Olson is a Board Certified Audiologist and holds his doctoral degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. He is the Founder of Hearing Up. HearingUp was created to help consumers find high-quality hearing care. HearingUp hearing care professionals are dedicated to following industry Best Practices to achieve better patient outcomes. Dr. Cliff Olson is the founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also an adjunct lecturer for the Department of Speech & Hearing Science at his alma mater.

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