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Renascent offers drug rehabilitation, addiction treatment programs, and peersupport initiatives throughout Ontario.

Oct 12, 2016 – TORONTO, ONTARIO – Drug and alcohol addiction is one of leading epidemics plaguing the world today. Society often views the drug addiction and alcoholism as a “choice-based epidemic,” though, more often than not, that is not the case. Renascent, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment facility based in Toronto, Ontario, has dedicated their time and resources to educating the community and encouraging families and workplacesthroughout Canada to be supportive and understanding about the true nature of the epidemic.

“People struggling with a drug addiction don’t wake up one morning and decide they will become a drug addict,” said Tania Archer, Director of Business Development at Renascent. “Many people struggling with addiction want to attend treatment and live a better life, but they are worried, or scared of what other people will think – or worse, that the treatment won’t work.”

Renascent offers a supportive, research-based treatment facility for individuals seeking to reach their full potential and learn how to cope with an addiction-free lifestyle. The center offers multiple programs that are tailored to their specific needs and addiction. Renascent treats men and women in gender specific settings, and youth aged 16+ as well as their families.

Treatment options include an intensive 28-42-day primary care residential treatment program that incorporates an evidence-based 12-step program that has been proven successful for long-term sobriety. Moreover, once a client has successfully completed the program, additional resourcesand outpatient services are available to help them continue their long-term sobriety goals.

“Ourcertifiedtreatment professionals work round-the-clock to offer the best care possible to our clients,” Archer says. “Clients can talk to any healthcareprofessional or counselor they feel most comfortable with – day or night. Moreover, our client’s feel at home – because our facilities are not the standard institution, but instead are actual homes.”

The center also offers family-centered support programs to help rebuild and maintain a good support system and relationships between the addiction survivor and their families, as well as provides support group sessions, holistic therapy treatments, and lifestyle rehabilitation programs to improve the client’s overall health and well-being.

“Drug addiction doesn’t only affect the user. It evolves and affects everyone the person is close to and interacts with,including the workplace” Archer said. “We aim to, not only help people overcome their addiction, but also heal their mind, body, and spirit to allow them to overcome their past, learn coping mechanisms, and feel accepted by their community and peers.”

About Renascent

Renascent is Canada’s largest drug and alcohol treatment provider based in Toronto, Ontario. Since 1970, the company has treated over 1,000 men and women annually and is recognized throughout the country for delivering the highest success results. Headquartered in Toronto, Renascent has four center locations throughout the Toronto and Brooklin, Ontario regions.

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