“Remember Eternity: More than Conquerors” Sends Out the Message of Redemption Amid Today’s Uncertainties

"Remember Eternity: More than Conquerors" Sends Out the Message of Redemption Amid Today’s Uncertainties

July 13, 2020 – Man’s destiny is either one of eternal reward in Heaven or damnation in Hell. With this fact written large, we must always remember and choose the eternal over temporal lives. Author J.E. Starks-Brown has sent out an inspiring and life-transforming message to the whole world with her latest work, “Remember Eternity: More than Conquerors.”

The fourth installment in the ‘Remember Eternity’ series, the present work takes forward the journey of a righteous family comprising family matriarch Frances Michaels, her four adult children, and their spouses and families. Set in the city of Des Moines, Iowa, in the present day, the story takes the readers through all the trials, tribulations, victories, and tragedies that their temporal life has to offer them. 

Based on Biblical facts, the work is written in a dialogue format and reveals the power that relationships have in changing lives. It also conveys a core message: that we must be prepared for the eternal destiny of our souls.  

The goal of ‘Remember Eternity’ is to help the reader get beyond what we see with our natural or carnal minds and become focused on the spiritual and that which is eternal,” says J.E. Starks-Brown.

Among other things, readers will be inspired by the relationship the family has nurtured with the God of their salvation, as they go about “doing it God’s way,” while others around them are going downhill. 

The work will be of interest to anyone who wants to understand their place in the universe, and those who are hungry for the promise of God of His Holy Spirit that has the power to transform and redeem lives in preparation for Eternity.

The first three works in the series are “Remember Eternity.” “Remember Eternity: The Journey Continues,” and “Remember Eternity: I Am That I Am.”

Watch the series introduction on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4s9qVTlSHo and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0piIlypT9M 

Remember Eternity: More than Conquerorsby J.E. Starks-Brown is available from Amazon.

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