Remedy Health Direct Primary Care Physician Tulsa, OK Provides Individuals Greater Access to Affordable and Personalized Care through DPC Model

Many individuals and families struggle with paying large premiums for their monthly primary care. They are paying more but getting less coverage than in the past. Remedy Health Direct Primary Care has reduced this burden for patients by providing them with greater access to affordable and personalized primary care services under an innovative healthcare model.

Remedy Health Direct Primary Care is a new medical clinic in Tulsa committed to helping individuals get the healthcare they need and deserve with no hassle. Remedy Health’s goal is to bring back a better doctor-patient relationship, with a modern twist. Among the numerous medical clinics in Tulsa, this is one of only a handful that has adopted the Direct Primary Care model.  Under this model, patients pay a flat monthly fee to the practice that covers all primary care visits without the need for filing with insurance, allowing doctors to focus more on taking care of their patients and less on paperwork.

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a healthcare delivery model developed over the last decade that provides greater access to personalized primary care services to patients in exchange for direct payments on a yearly- or monthly-contract basis. In this model, physicians are accountable only to their patients, rather than bureaucrats and third-party payers with their constantly changing regulations. Physicians can assess the needs of every patient and practice medicine in a manner that will benefit patients the most.

The membership fees are reasonable and cover most services typically provided by primary care physicians, e.g. office visits and in-office procedures. Additionally, patients  gain access to labs, imaging services, and medications at wholesale rates,  generating significant added value for the patients. The Direct Primary Care model offers economic relief to most patients who engage with a DPC clinic.

A DPC membership combined with a medical policy covering hospitalization and specialty care meets mandated requirements under the Affordable Care Act. Since these supplemental medical policies usually have lower monthly premiums, individuals and employees can take full advantage of quality and accessible healthcare with reduced out-of-pocket costs.

The DPC model is timely and beneficial, especially with so many struggling to afford basic healthcare needs. Remedy Health strives to increase access to affordable primary care in order to benefit patients in Tulsa and the surrounding communities.

About Remedy Health Direct Primary Care:

Remedy Health Direct Primary Care is a leading medical clinic in Tulsa that guarantees patients healthcare that is more personal, more available, and more affordable. The clinic is committed to advancing the DPC model, which puts patients first, bringing relief and peace of mind with regard to primary care needs.

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