Relocating Mainland USA Clients to A SAFE Area – St Croix US Virgin Islands

Relocating Mainland USA Clients to A SAFE Area - St Croix US Virgin Islands

Valentine International LLC, a Wyoming based corporation, specializes in assisting clients in relocating to St. Croix US Virgin Islands. This full service company provides one of St Croix’s top real estate brokers to find land to build their Valentine International LLC XP Eco Dome Estates™ and Eco-Villages that can withstand Category 5 winds and waves and mid-level Richter scale earthquakes. Also they provide interior design services and furnishings for the Dome Estates and Eco-Villages through ClassZMinimalism.

If security is needed either offline (bodyguards) or online, Valentine International LLC has top consultants for their clients. They can provide a whole suite of training and support in the following disciplines – Situational Awareness, Preparedness, Survival and Travel Security.

The founder of Valentine International LLC is former Post Newsweek/CBS News investigative reporter Hugh Simpson, who has authored numerous books on Situational Awarenesses, Preparedness and Survival under his pen name MR Valentine. His first book entitled A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond was one of the first ones on Y2K. His latest is XtremePreparedness on Land & Sea as Valentine International LLC also offers their clients consulting involving the use of sailing and motor yachts and even barge yachts.

“As a former news reporter who covered Civil Rights in the USA South in the late 1960s, I have not seen a more volatile social and environmental scenario as the one we could be facing with the upcoming 2020 Presidential election,” says 73 year old founder of Valentine International LLC, Hugh Simpson. “In my numerous books and my news interviews I always stress the importance of having a SAFE AREA to retreat to. If political unrest does occur as many experts and my former US military veterans are predicting, then St Croix US Virgin Islands is where I believe is a SAFE AREA as it still is a US Protectorate requiring no passport and has the lower crime rate of all three US Virgin Islands. St Croix has more retired US military veterans per capita than any USA Mainland state.”

“Coupling with potential political unrest is the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum, which like Y2K in its beginning, has received little news coverage” explains Simpson. “I was first introduced to the concept while writing my first book in 1999 from an article written by top former Soviet Union physicists.”

“This past year I was reintroduced to the Grand Solar Minimum via viewing a talk given by former Soviet Union solar physicist Dr. Zharkhova, now residing and teaching in the UK,” continues Simpson. “She has developed an algorithm that goes back thousands of years that accurately predicts previous Solar Minimums. Each time, a Solar Minimum brought Arctic freezing weather leading to Mini Ice Ages. Dr. Zharkhova sees another one beginning this year and continuing for 35 years. It could bring Arctic temperatures as far as South Miami Beach in the dead of summer. St. Croix could experience temperatures in the mid-60s – in the dead of summer.”

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