Reliable Transportation Link Provides Container Drayage Throughout North America

The process of container drayage starts with receiving freight from a warehouse or facility of sorts. This is separated, loaded, and brought to the next destination.

The term ‘dray’ was first used to reference a cart that didn’t have sides. This cart would be pulled by horses and used as a short-distance delivery truck – transporting goods from roads and railroads to manufacturers. In modern times, the term has been expanded. “Drayage” is known as the transportation of goods via ground freight. More often than not, the transportation goes from a cargo facility terminal to a customer’s facility.

The process of container drayage starts with receiving freight from a warehouse or facility of sorts. This is separated, loaded, and brought to the next destination. Typically, container drayage involves a short distance – work that can be completed in a single shift as opposed to traveling across the country.

Reliable Transportation Link provides container drayage with an extensive service area coverage, including Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax, Toronto, Regina, Vancouver, Winnipeg and throughout all major destinations in North America. Their container service covers most standard needs.

They offer large fleets and various dedicated equipment, including chassis and tractors. Those who need to move fleet can expect their delivery to be on-time, regardless of the time of year or time of day, as they’re able to leverage proper container lifting equipment, including specialized chassis for overweight cargo.

Reliable Transportation Link even provides heated, frozen, or refrigerated container cargo to ensure any temperature requirements are met. When required, they’re able to provide electrical plug-ins and other important equipment to keep cargo as warm or as cold as necessary.

Regardless of the size or type of containers necessary, Reliable Transportation Link can assist with all container drayage needs. They provide unlimited container storage solutions that include bonded containers as required. This means customers don’t have to worry about the railheads limitations.

The storage facility used for all storage requirements is fully fenced and equipped with proper security measures, including a security guard and video surveillance, to give customers peace of mind knowing their cargo is safe. Their dispatch and customer care team of transportation experts will ensure all container shipping needs are met.

As a registered EDI carrier, Reliable Transportation Link is able to offer various fleets of highway and city trucks. They have specific permits that allow them to meet all sorts of needs when it comes to container drayage as they specialize in intermodal container delivery and shipping.

About Reliable Transportation Link

Reliable Transportation Link provides transportation services with a high standard of customer care. They offer container sales, rental, and delivery, as well as freight management, warehousing and distribution services, and much more with an extensive area coverage that encompasses Canada, United States, and all other major destinations in North America.

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