Relationship Architects, LLC. Welcome Shari Strong, Chief Operating Officer

November 30th, 2017: In leading any organization, no matter how large or small, it is essential to build and maintain good relationships. It was the understanding of how pivotal internal and external relationships are towardbuilding sustainable success in any company, that provided the motivation for Lori Weir to found Relationship Architects in 2011. Relationship Architects is a consulting firm whose aim is cultural transformation via employee development and engagement.

So rabid is the need for such a service in the business world that in the last three years Relationship Architects has launched three offices throughout Tennessee serving companies across the United States. In order to serve the rapidly growing demand, it is imperative that the team at Relationship Architects continue to show up equipped with leadership and skill sets that optimize impact forthese companies. To that end, they are proud to introduce Shari Strong as the new Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Shari brings a wealth of experience to the team, including sales management development, leadership development, training and more. Notably, Strong is a founding member of John C. Maxwell’s Leadership team, a former Director of Sales with, has an M.A. from Liberty University, and has built and sold two other companies.

Relationship Architects pioneered StrengthsGenius™, a program that teaches how to leverage individual and team strengths for success. Shari will be directly involved with rolling out a Train The Trainer program geared towards developing facilitators, trainers and coaches. The details of that project are available at

Weir (CEO) states, “We receive repeated requests to train HR teams, training consultants and facilitators on our StrengthsGenius™ workshops and organizational process. Our next step is to provide a robust live and online training program for facilitators, trainers, and coaches. Shari brings years of experience with building online platforms, and we are honored to have her join us.”

Visit http://relationshiparchitects.coachfor more information or contact Relationship Architects, LLC. via phoneor email at 615-596-5782 or respectively, with any questions or queries. 

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