Refonte Infini Unveils its Scientific Algorithmic Trading Robot, Guarantees Astounding Successes for Investors and Traders in the Cryptocurrency Futures Market

The strength of Refonte Infini’s scientific trading robot resides in its integration of cutting-edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, the Gaussian Mixture Model, the Hidden Markov Model, and a robust database of over 100,000 explanatory variables. Together, these elements promise to deliver exceptional and unparalleled trading outcomes

Refonte Infini, a France-based financial company, is pleased to announce the launch of its Scientific Algorithmic Trading Robot. The robot is designed to help crypto traders and investors navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency futures trading by assisting them in handling their trading with minimal input from their end. This revolutionary platform eliminates the need to monitor the market and assures immense profits through its AI-powered system.

The development of this Scientific Algorithmic Trading Robot by Refonte Infini started in 2016. Over the years, the company has continued to test the robot to ensure it delivers the expected results. Since its deployment in 2018, Refonte Infini’s Scientific Algorithmic Trading Robot has been generating a monthly profit of about 11% per month. This has prompted the company to release the robot for public use.

“We are thoroughly confident in the ability of this Scientific Algorithmic Trading Robot,” explained a media representative for Refonte Infini. “This is the product of extensive research and contributions from some of the top scientists in the fields of finance, computer engineering, and computing. By unveiling the robot to the general public, we hope to eliminate the hassle of trading cryptocurrency futures.” 

Aside from being powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Scientific Algorithmic Trading Robot by Refonte Infini employs an array of cutting-edge techniques to navigate the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. It strategically leverages the Gaussian Mixture Model to uncover market clusters, harnesses the Hidden Markov Model to identify pivotal regime shifts, and adopts Jonhson Su’s model for precise entry strategies.

Additionally, the trading robot seamlessly integrates the Trailing Stop Loss method for discerning exit points. With a wealth of over 100,000 explanatory variables at their disposal, these variables are meticulously streamlined to their most impactful using a calculated stepwise regression process.

The groundbreaking system at hand is the result of a collaborative effort involving a dedicated team of highly experienced C++ programmers from Refonte Infini, as well as the invaluable contributions of esteemed faculty members and departments from leading universities. This dynamic synergy between industry experts and academic thought leaders has played a pivotal role in shaping the innovation and sophistication of the system. Their collective expertise has been instrumental in crafting a solution that embodies both practical excellence and rigorous academic rigor.

Interested individuals can start leveraging the power of the Scientific Algorithmic Trading Robot even with its free starter plan. For enhanced capabilities, the robot offers a variety of pricing plans users can choose from.

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