Recovery Direct Organizes an Online Free Addiction Recovery Course For People With Chronic Anxiety and Addiction

Recovery Direct (Cape Town) is one of South Africa’s leading mental health care providers with the treatment centre is based in Constantia, Cape Town and  Services a local and international community. 

The recent pandemic COVID-19 the centre has released a number of online programs designed to help people that are struggling with anxiety, depression and substance use disorders. 

Recovery Direct is a leading provider of evidence-based Treatment Services from the multidisciplinary counselling team. This includes the launch to both Facebook and zoom live stream services directly with counselors in Cape Town. 

The weak South African Rand  makes international psychology counseling services substantially more affordable to people living outside of South Africa. Therapy can continue over longer periods of time and be managed better through the online programs offered at 

The most substantial program development is the capability to help individuals through anxiety generated by COVID-19 remotely. 

The centre has deeper experience in guiding and solving  past trauma and a number of interrelated issues caused by abnormalities in the nervous system response to psychological issues. 

The centre practice is a care model through ongoing support and appreciative guidance given to all patients at all times. People are treated with care and respect at all times. The centre remains open as an essential service provider under lockdown during COVID-19 virus. 

Recovery Direct unique approach has always been held to international scrutiny and standards. The centre far exceeds the minimum norms and standards required by government centres in South Africa. The private care treatment model has been based on extensive research in the field of personal recovery. 

Patients that are admitted to the centre have up to two individual counseling sessions a day, run by a professional qualified psychology counselor. 

All due cautions to prevent the contamination of people coming into the centre from external places has been implemented since March 2020. 

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