Recounting Heliogold Solar SunPower 2022 National Rising Star Award Win

San Diego, California – July 14, 2023 – Heliogold Solar, a San Diego-based solar installer, has received the National Rising Star Award from SunPower, a leading solar technology and energy services provider. The award granted to heliogold is one of many awards that recognize achievements in areas such as sales, leadership, innovation, or community involvement.

“It’s an honor our award our dealers that go above and beyond when it comes to quality, performance and customer satisfaction,” said June Sauvaget, chief marketing officer at SunPower. “This award representstheir steadfast commitment bringing the many benefits of solar to their communities and the meaningful work they are doing to change the way our world is powered.”

Heliogold Establishes Notable Recognition Of Their Award

“I think in all sales you really have to find out what it is that differentiates you. We are not the company that just sends out a proposal. We just do amazing presentations and we don’t have a bunch of turnover. Our team is knowledgeable about solar. Being a General Contractor, we have a whole home approach where we tackle HVAC, Roofing, and Solar. Matter of fact, we are going to be acquiring some different entities. Giving us more options to assist our customers. I just feel like when you go into a person’s house and you’re looking at it like, “Hey we should really upgrade this HVAC as part of this deal now”. Ultimately, this may result in a smaller solar system, but you build that level of trust in that client that can lead to more jobs and referrals down the road. The bottom line is that you really just have to take care of the customer. We live in a world where 18 Year Old Door Knockers are going around spreading misinformation with an uneducated pitch and empty promises, giving solar a bad name overall. Here at Heliogold, we take an educated approach by meticulously laying out all the options for our customer to maximize savings “

Customer Testimonials

“I’ve had a wonderful experience and highly recommend the SunPower solar system to everyone. They have done an excellent job and my solar system works perfectly. I would like to add here that Ms. Malake Wehbe helped me a lot for having the correct Solar system for my home. She is a great personality and very helpful. You can contact her in Heliogold Solar for help.” – Bahman S.

Check Out the interview WIth Zain Jan Congratulating Heliogold On Their Amazing Achievement

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About Heliogold Solar

As one of the leading solar system supplier companies in California, Heliogold  prides themselves on providing exceptional client services from start to finish in finding the perfect solar solutions for every client, no matter their situation or preference.

Heliogold Solar is  based in San Diego and leverages their  expert knowledge of neighborhoods to inform solutions for solar systems that work throughout the entire state of California. Additionally, as a small enterprise, they  offer their clients competitive pricing that big brand solar companies often cannot guarantee.

Heliogold is the optimal choice for Solar in Southern California.

Left to Right: Andrew Hoesly – SoCal Sales Manager, Stuart Miller – SD Sales Manager, Jason Castelhano – CEO of Heliogold, Quinnten Brown – VP of Operations, Joe Dale – VP of Sales and Production

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