Record Every Moment on the Road with DDPAI’s Z50 4K Dual Dashcam

Record Every Moment on the Road with DDPAI's Z50 4K Dual Dashcam
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DDPAI has just released its newest product, the Z50 4K Dual Dashcam, a car dash camera front and rear. This high-quality dashcam has front and rear cameras, allowing drivers to record everything on the road. The Z50 records in stunning 4K resolution, capturing the vehicle’s front and rear in crystal clear detail.

The Z50’s front camera is capable of 4K recording at 25 frames per second (fps), while the rear camera records at 25 fps Full HD, allowing drivers to capture every moment of action in high definition. The front camera has a 140-degree wide-angle lens, giving drivers an unobstructed view of what’s in front of them — even when driving down a narrow street or a back alley. The rear camera has a 125-degree lens, providing a complete view of the entire rear window.

The Z50 features night vision and 4k dashcam technology that allows for clear video even in environments with little light; this feature will be handy in conjunction with the rear camera’s night vision capability. This new model is equipped with two Sony IMX415 CMOS sensors that record full-color video at 30 fps. The dual cameras enable the driver to capture footage of everything they see in front of them and everything happening behind them, which is especially useful for capturing incidents outside a single camera’s recording frame.

The Z50 also has an automatic parking monitor function that automatically begins recording when it detects motion or impact. It also has a G-sensor and loop recording, so the videos will never be overwritten or lost. Its built-in rechargeable lithium battery offers up to 240 minutes of continuous use on a single charge, making it perfect for long trips where charging might not be available.

“The Z50 is sure to become a favorite among drivers looking for a high-quality dashcam 4k that’s easy to use and provides reliable footage from inside and outside the car. The Z50 DDPAI dash cam is also a dual-channel dashcam, meaning it can record simultaneously to two separate SD cards—one for the front cam and one for the rear cam. This means that if you’re involved in a crash, and your car is totaled, there’s still a chance you’ll have video footage of the accident recorded on the front cam’s SD card.” Said a company representative.

DDPAI delivers the best dash camera at an affordable price. They are a leading dash cam front and rear supplier that is committed to providing high-resolution cameras with the most advanced technology at an affordable price. It is one of the best choices for drivers who want to maintain their safety and security. For more information about the DDPAI dash camera, please visit

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